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Summer tyres: Achilles

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Good value
Opinion Mark H: 4.7

Best option for most vehicles during Winter months. Fit a pair of good value Winter/Snow/Ice tyres. Perfect for front wheel drive,(covers steering ) second pair for rear wheel drive. Mild Winter or short spell remove and refit for following Winter. These tyres at this price are perfect for the above practice. You will never achieve high mileage from any good Winter tyres especially if used during Summer months. more »

Great item
Opinion Petru: 4.2

Great item! more »

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Winter tyres: Achilles

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Opinion Bowser: 4.0

Was apprehensive, about the quality of these winter tyres however I have been presently surprised and would recommend them to anyone. I have had Mitchilin Winter Tyres before and feel these are as good and half the price. more »

To the city can be, but if you're off the road often look different.
Opinion sz: 3.5

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I bought a set after the change of car. Tires perform well on snow and slush. Also in the rain excel well. In my view, however, only suitable for city driving. Driving out of town is no longer enjoyable. Particularly with regard to the highway. Above 80 km / h tires are becoming loud and this is clearly heard in the cabin, in addition more than 100 on a dry road, my car begins to gently swim, you have to adjust the track. I also had a problem with balancing the tire / 3 approach. To sum up - to the city in time, but if you move often in route and ride over 100 km / h look for something else. On the highway does not cross the 110 - auto too much flying on those tires. more »

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