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Summer tyres: Aeolus

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Aeolus AU01 Steering Ace
For this price, I recommend !!
Opinion Michał: 4.1

I bought these tires because they tempted me promotion to the distributor who purchased the set would join free insurance from mechanical damage caused by the fault of the user. As it turned out I made the right choice in a few reasons: -tyres turned out to be really good quality, well exercised on both dry and wet roads. I once had a "Chinese" tire that even during light deszczyku could not cope with keeping the car on the road and Aeolusy fared even during downpours considerable -end which would be enough for not paid at most for two tires "branded" so I decided to take a chance on -pewnego driving pretty quickly, I had to get around bag that fell out of a moving car in front of me and unfortunately this maneuver ended in tragedy for two right tires, which burst after hitting the curb, but here a pleasant surprise, because insurance worked perfectly and the next day I had two new tires and what I have suffered only cost is the exchange and balancing tires! So I bought season 6 tires, and I've only paid 4! -pewnym drawback is the volume of the tire, it can be heard clearly especially when driving highway, but guessed it right away after I saw that they are quite hard -after passing of the season ~ 8tys km, the tires have a 2x ~ 7.5mm, 2x ~ 8mm tread, so I rate very high durability more »

Aeolus AH01 Precesion Ace
good tire
Opinion Tomek: 4.2

Hi, I read a speech of honorable members and I do not know what to say ... clear that tire for 600 Zeta will be better ... but not so much to overpay. I passed on these laczkach 76 thousand. without problems. In the rain and nice weather, behaved very well. Certainly did not differ from the more expensive (and rode different "branded"). I changed just because they flew me to convergence. I bought the same. Fly Mercedes V-Class 220 CDI. This is not a medication car and not so free .... Not zapieprzałem Although 200 km / h but flights 150/160 were the norm. No slippage, noise or other attractions during the "ride". I think that the opinion of malcontents is not something to take into consideration. Drifting is not driven, not squealed to show off in front of małolatami nor raced from light to light. Normal, safe driving. I would recommend the tire for those who do not need to have a well-known logos on the tire, and about the safety and comfort of traveling is really about. more »

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Winter tyres: Aeolus

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Aeolus AW02
Opinion Cezary: 3.9

I was apprehensive to buy a set of 4 tires of the manufacturer, it is not due to so-called publicized brands. I must admit the decision to purchase was dictated by economic considerations, but from the perspective of two months of use and do in various conditions (snow, rain, dry asphalt) on these tyres approximately 3000 km I can honestly recommend these tires all subjects still not definite! The tire is doing very well on wet and snow-covered asphalt had no problem with tailboard on icy and snowy road at every asphalt hill. more »

Aeolus AW02
Opinion Jasiek: 3.7

I see that very different opinions but I think that every product has its audience. These tires are sure to have a good price compared to the quality, security gets another advantage to them, I am the user of this season, and I think that for people not driving around like a pirate are very good and meet expectations. My true. more »

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