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Summer tyres: Toyo

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Japanese quality for reasonable money.
Opinion Toby: 5.0

Excellent tyres, I used to have Dębica, Barum, Fulda and I was trying to go to Yokohama this season. Unfortunately, the increase in tyre prices forced me to look for an alternative. I found UniRoyal RainExpert and NanoEnergy tyres from Toyo on the OPONEO website. I searched the tyre tests for quite a long time and I will say that Toyo is comparable to Yokohama. I was looking for a compromise, Toyo positively assess abroad. As for Uniroyal, the rainy weather is one of the best, while on dry surfaces and abrasion falls much worse, 6 out of 10 is a bit low for a mid-range tyre. I took a chance and bought Toyo NanoEnergy. Well, unfortunately I had other expenses waiting so I gave up on purchasing Yokohama tyres. Impressions from using Toyo NanoEnergy are very positive. After the last expedition I say that the comfort of driving the car has improved significantly, noticeable lower rolling resistance and lower noise levels than my previous tyres (Barum, Fulda). I also acknowledged the lower fuel consumption. It holds well both on wet and dry surfaces. The Japanese producer has tried his best. Also for those willing to buy a good tyre I honestly recommend TOYO NanoEnergy, Yokohama class, for a much lower price. more »

185/55/13 on a 1990 Metro GTa
Opinion Roadrally: 4.4

Bought to replace the now unavailable 165/60/13 size originally fitted to this car the Toyo R610 185/55/13 is the exact same rolling diameter and a plug and play replacement. While it's still early days for these tyres the performance so far has been most satisfactory. Plenty of grip is available both in the wet and dry. It's difficult to assess the tyre's ride as the suspension on the Metro is rather firm to start with but they are at least as good in that respect as the Goodyear Eagles they replaced. Steering is crisp and the turn in precise. Feedback is excellent and there is no doubt that these tyres are more than a match for the Metro's modest performance. While I have yet to see how the tyre's durability compares to previous tyres on the car, first impressions are that even if they wear faster the performance of the tyre is worth the hit in tyre life. Finally, if you are looking for replacement tyres for a Metro Turbo you have very little choice. Out of the options available, these tyres are light years better than the Chinese alternatives. I give them the thumbs up. more »

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Winter tyres: Toyo

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Safety, comfort and economy in one.
Opinion Piotr Wojciechowski: 5.0

Tyres worth recommending. I am a demanding user because from the tyre I require above all driving safety and economy. In the summer I drive on much more expensive Michelin tyres and after changing the tyres for winter Toyo I did not notice any difference in terms of grip to the track or comfort. What's more, Toyo tyres perform excellently in terms of driving economy. Burning in my car has not changed compared to the summer season tyres of a reputable, but more expensive Michelin. I traveled about 6,000 miles on these tyres in the winter season on roads that are both unpolluted and alpine, full of snow or thaw. Not once was there any unexpected loss of grip. Additionally, I attach a tread picture after the first season. In the future I will probably also buy summer tyres from this company. more »

I had the best tyres. It is worth to pay extra and enjoy security.
Opinion Adam: 4.8

For a long time I was thinking about buying new tyres, and on the oponeo site I was looking for the best tyre results and found Toyo snowprox s943. The tyre was supposed to be as safe and effective as possible due to my 3-year-old daughter, who I bring to kindergarten every day. I was a bit skeptical about it's high ratings because I know how these opinions work, but after driving a dozen or so miles, I was very surprised. The car is very quiet during even a quick ride on the beltway and great road grip. When braking it's great too. I recommend them to those who value convenience and comfort, and above all safety. A tyre worth the price for 110% and as for me it is better than some brands advertised on TV. more »

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All season tyres: Toyo

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All models of Toyo all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Very good tire.
Opinion Bursztyn: 4.0

I have been buying all-season tyres for my cars for many years. I have always associated Toyo with sports tyres, but as I personally found out, this does not exclude the possibility of making a good tyre for an ordinary driver. The favourable price and the desire to test this brand convinced me to make the purchase and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. In all aspects it meets my expectations. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for comfort, good performance and safety. "Japanese precision" in this case is true. more »

Opinion oldtimer: 3.6

Bought 5 months ago, covered approx 18,000 km; 2 on front axle. Reinforced / load index 85 and not 81 as in standard, fairly strong tyre sidewalls - and even so, one of them has already got a small bulb on it (right front wheel) - apparently the potholes and roadsides in this country will take care of any tyre. Good quality rubber, soft, good grip in summer, in cooler weather below 5st.C still good grip and soft tread, we'll see how it goes in winter. more »

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