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Summer tyres: Toyo

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185/55/13 on a 1990 Metro GTa
Opinion Roadrally: 4.4 111140

Bought to replace the now unavailable 165/60/13 size originally fitted to this car the Toyo R610 185/55/13 is the exact same rolling diameter and a plug and play replacement. While it's still early days for these tyres the performance so far has been most satisfactory. Plenty of grip is available both in the wet and dry. It's difficult to assess the tyre's ride as the suspension on the Metro is rather firm to start with but they are at least as good in that respect as the Goodyear Eagles they replaced. Steering is crisp and the turn in precise. Feedback is excellent and there is no doubt that these tyres are more than a match for the Metro's modest performance. While I have yet to see how the tyre's durability compares to previous tyres on the car, first impressions are that even if they wear faster the performance of the tyre is worth the hit in tyre life. Finally, if you are looking for replacement tyres for a Metro Turbo you have very little choice. Out of the options available, these tyres are light years better than the Chinese alternatives. I give them the thumbs up. more »

great for sychym, maybe even a revelation :) wet strong 4
Opinion Latomey: 4.0 11110

I've been using these tyres for 3 months now. I've heard they're great for dry, especially in the corners, but in fact I'm surprised - they are really great. My size is 205/45/16, fitted to a Corolla G6 and the driver can feel really safe. The tyre has easily controllable skidding, especially if it is well warmed up. Nothing happens by surprise. In corners I have no problems to catch up with 200 HP sports cars with 17-18 inch wheels. Sometimes I even have a good laugh whenI see expressions of guys who only care about the power and handling and agility is something odd to them. It's no revelation on wet, during recent rains I haven't noticed grip loss when braking or cornering, but due to difficult conditions I was driving carefully. Generally speaking, a great tyre for relatively decent price, very predictable and thus secure. You can really get much if you like dynamic driving. Moderate noise level, fuel consumption is fine (changed by 0.2 l/100 km in winter, where I use tyres with 185 width). I highly recommend. more »

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Winter tyres: Toyo

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Cheep tyre but maybe you get what you pay for.
Opinion Chris: 4.0 11110

In short these tyres were great for the price but I have had to remove them and bin 1 after just 3500 miles due to a bubble appearing on the side wall. Naturally I could have caused it but I am a careful driver as I paid quite a bit extra to get an upgraded diamond cut alloy which sits further out than the outside wall of the tyre. I am pleased to say ive not curbed my wheels (usualy linked to a bubble on a side wall of a tyre). I called oponeo but naturally they didn't seem very interested. more »

Uk winter use (Well all year really)
Opinion Paul R: 4.2 111120

Used in UK winter and summer, so most of winter use in icy conditions, but some snow, Excellent grip on icy morning allowed me to use country lanes. You can feel the difference in grip as the temperature comes down. In the summer you noticed it took longer to stop and less grip, but still good enough to leave on. On snow took the hills with ease. Peugeot 206cc 2.0. Done 20K miles now and only down to winter marker on fronts , so very good wear and tear. more »

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All season tyres: Toyo

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no revelation
Opinion życzliwy: 3.0 11100

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so see, I mounted the two donuts on the front axle in the Toyota Corolla having 86km, and the snow sometimes in August slide, as it turns sharply zachamuje August ck me, the only advantage that move from place zaśnieżonego.zapewne because they are nowe.strach to think what will be that after a few sezonach.Zakladam Polish Dębice navigator 2 is the price samo.tylko different. and when driving fast as I wanted to go faster than 120 per hour it was to feel the burning August my gums. which is a sign of loss of grip on dry roads. more »

Very good tire.
Opinion Bursztyn: 4.0 11110

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For many years, I buy tires for their cars year-round. Toyo always I associated with sport tires, but personally convinced not exclude the possibility of making a good tire for normal driving. Favourable price and the desire to test the brand has convinced me to purchase and honestly admit that I was not disappointed. In all respects meet my expectations. I would definitely recommend to all zależącym on comfort, good performance and security. "Japanese precision" in this case it's true. more »

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