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Summer tyres: Wanli

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Excellent tyres
Opinion Richard L: 4.6

Our five year old OE fitted Michelin tyres had become "hard" and were showing signs of cracking. These Wanli Harmonic tyres instantly felt better. Less road noise, and less rolling resistance. In the wet, they have performed very well and dry weather driving seems to be on par with our Michelins. We don't drive fast, its a Nissan Juke after all, and probably would not by these for a 300HP sports car, but everyday driving they seem unbeatable. AAA+ more »

great tyre for the price
Opinion Terence Rogers: 4.5

I am quite hard on tyres, but these tyres are great. They are resistant to spinning up and grip really well. I had these tyres on my XK8 also with great satisfaction. You will get people saying they are rubbish, and in they're eyes when looking for perfection they probably are. But I think that they are really good for the Price. They are not the best, but remember you are not paying hundreds of pounds for a name. more »

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Winter tyres: Wanli

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Recently added reviews

Very good product. I do recommend.
Opinion CarolDefine: 2.2

I have done approximately 3 thousand miles on Wanli SNOWGRIP tyres. I have been driving mainly in city. They are very good both in dry and wet weather conditions. Their price is amazing. I must admit that I did not expect them to be so efficient in snow. They are doing well in all weather conditions. My car is stable even at high speed. I think the tread pattern and the rubber compound are of good quality. I have not noticed any major drawbacks of these tyres. Perhaps I have to drive more miles and then I will be able to share my opinion. Taking into consideration their price I think it is a good product. I do recommend Wanli SNOWGRIP to drivers, who are looking for cheap tyres of good quality. more »

Unique tyres. I do recommend them.
Opinion Florida: 3.4

My tyres are Sunny SnowMaster. They were manufactured in the same factory as Wanli SNOWGRIP. According to the information provided by distributors, it is exactly the same tyre. It has the same tread pattern and the rubber compound. To be honest I was afraid that these tyres will be noisy. However, I do not hear them at all. Even at higher speeds they are pretty quiet. I do not have a brand-new vehicle but I did not experienced any problems with the wheel alignment or balancing. I think that Debica tyres are more soft than Sunny and Wanli SNOWGRIP. I had Debica Vivo and Furio and after two years I had to replace them with different tyres. I do recommend both Sunny and Wanli SNOWGRIP. more »

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