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4x4 Tyres

4x4 Tyres


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Are you looking for the best 4x4 tyres? Our database of passenger car tyre reviews is one of the largest on the Internet. Here, you can find 4x4 tyre reviews from thousands of Oponeo customers and analyse the highest rated 4x4 tyres in the UK according to British drivers.

The most popular 4x4 tyres

This is our take on the most popular summer and winter 4x4 tyres. Explore, compare and buy 4x4 tyres online through the Oponeo store.

4x4 summer tyres


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4x4 winter tyres


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What are the best 4x4 tyres?

What are the best 4x4 tyres?

4x4 tyres cover quite a broad area, but can be easily separated into three subcategories: road tyres, all terrain tyres and off road tyres.

Road tyres, for example, are usually shown with H/T and S/T markings, as well as asymmetric treads. The design focuses on on-road driving (80%) rather than all terrain (20%).

As for 4x4 all terrain tyres, these have a 50/50 mix of road and all terrain features, usually marked with ATR, AT2, A/T or All Terrain labels.

The last subcategory are 4x4 off road tyres, which favour all-terrain (80%) features over on-road driving (20%). These are marked by the likes of MTR or M/T in their specifications.

What are the best winter tyres for my 4x4?

The variety in the choice of 4x4 tyres enables drivers to pick the perfect set for the terrain they frequent the most. All terrain tyres, for instance, feature better grip and handling on uneven surfaces, such as woods and fields. When it comes to 4x4 winter tyres, however, there are no subcategories, as every winter tyre is a road tyre by design.

All terrain tyres also offer reliability and safety both on smooth roads and more demanding terrains alike, making them the best choice for drivers who are likely to encounter different challenges in their journey. As an additional feature, these tyres come with a rim protection system to prevent damage, an inner steel belting in the tyre construction, and a tougher sidewall to help lift heavier loads – important for SUVs.

Despite a more robust build, 4x4 tyres can still deliver excellent driving comfort with low noise and vibrations. Some may also come with additional sipes and a harder compound, which enables them to tackle more challenging environments such as wet roads, providing grip when needed.

Finally, it should be noted that 4x4 tyres cannot be fitted to non 4x4 cars due to their build and unique construction. When fitted to an FWD or RWD car, 4x4 tyres will offer a harder drive and be much louder in comparison to regular car tyres.

The most popular tyre diameters

Latest Reviews

  • 4.6
    Simon Broddle
    Continental CrossContact ATR 225/60 R17 Early days for these tyres, they've only got 2,000+ miles on them. Under spreadsheet analysis I am losing around 1.8mpg from the previous tyres which I am happy with. There is no more noise than the previous tyres which is great. On wet roads when you touch white lines they can be skittish but perhaps that's me. They certainly roll at lower psi but offer good off-road ability. Need to be kept around 40psi which means they sit nice. It's a nice compromise. They look great on the Subaru Forester and all in all I am very pleased indeed. Saw them being used extensively in BC & Alberta in Canada and Utah & Arizona in the US on Foresters and all the owners were very pleased so figured I'd give More > them a go. I'd buy them again, no worries.
  • 4.8
    Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO 255/45 R20 I replaced what I take to have been the first set of tyres at about 34000 miles, which is excellent. 30% of my driving is towing, and so the back tyres have more wear than would be expected without towing. The car drives well, though can be a bit bouncy, mainly due to 20 inch rims and the stiffer suspension found in an SUV. I expect that the ride would be more comfortable on somewhat smaller rims, which are found in some models. The tyres have exceeded my expectations, and I have replaced with like for like. More >
  • 4.6
    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV 255/50 R19 About 1000 miles covered, so far all tarmac and nothing more demanding than some heavy rain. Not the quietest of tyres but the bump absorption is pretty reasonable for a low profile tyre on 19" rims. The wheel protection of these tyres is second to none and was a major factor in choosing them and they do look quite pleasing on the vehicle. How they perform in colder conditions and when the white stuff starts to descend may change my perception of these tyres, but up to now I'm pretty happy. More >
  • 4.3
    Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 275/40 R20 Purchased a set for my bmw x6 Front 275 and back 315 I have nothing to complain about except the fact the the tyres got used quite fast- 7000 miles and i got 4 cm left. I drive quite calm and im not an aggressive driver whatsoever. Given the price of the tyres i was expecting a bit more. Overall good More >
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