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Summer tyres: Cooper

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Recently added reviews

exceeded all expectation
Opinion Sam: 5.0

I had a set of BFG AT tyres on my last Discovery, which were very hard wearing, very tough. But they also hit my economy quite badly, and once they wore past 10,000 miles the compound became harder and they became noisy. So when I needed a set of tyres for the current Discovery I decided to look at the new Cooper ST Maxx and the Goodyear Duratrac. I found a very good price on the ST Maxx at £100 each and after reading extensively I bought a set. I have to say I'm delighted. The tyres are exceptionally quiet despite the aggressive tread. They self clean nicely and I've never been stuck when venturing offroad. On tarmac they grip exceptionally well and are very reassuring. I've never lost traction even in horrendous rain and greasy roads. I have to say I'm a steady driver but even so I reckon these are exceptional and can't recommend them highly enough. more »

Fantastic tyres
Opinion Jefferson smith: 4.7

What a great tyre my old Cooper st were. Great all round tyre on and off road. Great in all seasons Never let me down Did over 51000 miles with 4/5 mm left on them. more »

Winter tyres: Cooper

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Excellent tyre Great value for money.
Opinion D J Lees: 4.3

5000 miles through Scandinavia in the end of February 2015.Snow all the way once we got to Mora.The tyres are quite predictable,considering the Landrover Campers all up weight was 3.5 tonnes.Only had a couple of places where we thought the snow chains would come out,but the tyres did us proud.Dont get me wrong i would have loved to have had studs in,but that causes issues when driving from the UK. more »

Delivered on time, happy so far with the tyres.
Opinion Tim: 4.2

The tyres seem to be wearing well , noise levels have increased but not sufficiently to make it uncomfortable to be expected with a heavy tread. Cornering is not as positive as with an AT tyre, again to be expected you just have to drive accordingly. Overall i am happy with the tyres i will know better when i know how long they last. more »

All season tyres: Cooper

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All models of Cooper all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion CEUOTC: 4.0

I needed a decent set of all-season tires during the current climate, after traveling 550 miles of which 200 was through snow, my previous tires proved woeful. These have proven their worth, again traveling down from the north of Scotland via snow-covered roads, these tires proved reliable and maintained grip (with my driving style). These also give confidence in wet road conditions also. I expect them to perform well in the warmer weather also. Highly recommended and match my driving style. more »

Opinion John: 4.4

I've had my 130,000mile Disco 3 since new and 45,000 miles on the last set of Coopers. Still life left in them but decided upon a new set since the floods last year. Stay Safe more »