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Summer tyres: Tristar

Popular models of summer tyres Tristar

All models of Tristar summer tyres

Recently added reviews

Great tyre and the price is great, fronts wear quickly but at this price il be happy to replace yearly or when required
Opinion Paul Christie.: 3.9 111900

This is probably the best online company I've dealt with,great tyre,great price, immediate delivery. I have no hesitation in saying thank you. more »

Only done about 3000 miles so far but no problems and road holding is good.
Opinion Cliveedward: 4.7 111170

They seem very good, and if they continue to perform like they have up to now would not hesitate to buy them again. more »

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Winter tyres: Tristar

Popular models of winter tyres Tristar

All models of Tristar winter tyres

Recently added reviews

Could be a bit better. Next time I'll try a different brand.
Opinion Tika: 1.8 180000

The tyres could be better taking into consideration their price. I bought them as they were recommended to me by a tyre vulcaniser. They were supposed to be good in snow and slush. They are not bad but I expected them to be better. I can say that external look doesn’t have to be in tune with overall performance and functionality. It turned out that 15.000 miles constituted the maximum mileage for them. I decided to try Kormoran tyres. I purchased a set and now I’m waiting for a winter season. more »

Do exactly what the tyres were designed for.
Opinion Richard H: 4.0 11110

Very pleased with the tyres. Great in the snow/slush scenario and pretty good in icy conditions, but hey. unless you have steel studs NO tyre is good on purely icy conditions. The ONLY down side is that my energy is not a good compared to the recommended (non snow) tyres BUT that is easily compensated for the really good performance in the show/slush. These tyres/wheels will be replaced with the Nissan wheels fitted with the recommended summer tyres. more »

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All season tyres: Tristar

Popular models of all season tyres Tristar

All models of Tristar all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Quiet surprised by the Good quality of the Three and there performance to date
Opinion Brighton Chishamba: 4.5 111150

It was the best referat I was every given. Will deal again and definitywny refer others more »

Value for money
Opinion VK: 3.4 111400

So far so good. Have not Done great milage but seems good enough for the money Spent. more »

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