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Summer tyres: Accelera

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more than decent tires at an affordable price
Opinion m: 4.1

I bought the tyres in August 2013, I drove about 30 thousand km on them. At that time they cost less than 300 PLN each, which is one of the cheapest, so I did not expect anything from them, but I am very surprised with their quality. I have a positive opinion about the grip on both dry and wet surfaces, they don't squeak, they don't slip when starting off or when braking, unfortunately they are not very durable, but that's probably why they grip so well. I think they will last for another 20 thousand km at the most, and then I will have to change them, although I would like to point out that I mainly use the car on highways at high speed. I should also add that they are relatively quiet, they don't throb at all, even after a considerable mileage. Being new, they did not require excessive weighting, also after a whole season a minor adjustment was enough. For those who drive fast, I would add that 250km/h does not make much of an impression on them. more »

Lipa terrible, even before the creation.
Opinion Dudeson: 1.6

Deciding to buy Accelera ALPHA suggested a number of positive reviews, but now I know that the most useful are those negative. Even when setting tire vulcanizer machine in balancing could see some defect. Firstly, on each wheel had to be assumed min to 70 g to break it down, and second tank are not equal on each of the beating was 4, which results in tragic comfort. At a speed of about 120 km / h the car literally jumps. Do not give anything to move the tire on the rim and re-balancing. I do not recommend anyone to dynamic driving on wet pavement and the more belts or lines (drives like ice). The straight-ahead noise is still as ok, but cornering the massacre tires even roar. Sorry, but I will advertise these tires. I do not recommend anyone or these or other tires from China, Indonesia, or from a different country from the east. My cousin bought the same just a different size and has the same as me. I sincerely advise against anyone. more »

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Winter tyres: Accelera

Popular models of winter tyres Accelera

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Recently added reviews

Yorkshire snow
Opinion UpIntHills: 4.3

Got a set of these for a Renault Grand Scenic just before we had the worst winter in decades. Let's just say the car only got stuck once and that was in about 3 feet of snow, a quick dig around with a shovel and there was enough grip to get me over the pile. Handling and braking on snow/ice/slush is unbelievably better than summer tyres. While traffic was crawling along at 5mph, I was driving around them at almost normal speeds - people must have thought I was mad. Coming to a stop at junctions is no longer a stressful experience, you might get the odd intervention from the ABS and then you simply stop. My 4x4 has better traction for getting up hills however my 2wd Renault with these tyres will still get up the hills, but more importantly will stop and turn much better on snow/ice. My 4x4 will have these tyres on before winter. more »

Very good tire for little money
Opinion Pawell: 3.6

Hi. I must admit that I was a litte worried befor buying these Acceleras. I feared that because of their price the quality wouldn't be good enough and boy was I surprised! After having done about 6,000 miles last winter I can honestly say that their behaviour was superb! And that is both in and outside city. The only drawback of Accelera Snow would be the level of noise. It might be a bit high when traveling at speed but I don't think that it's too bad. Braking on wet surfaces isn't particular good either. I can recommend the Accelera Snow for people who are looking for cheap and decent tyres. more »

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All season tyres: Accelera

Popular models of all season tyres Accelera

All models of Accelera all season tyres

Recently added reviews

very good value for money
Opinion S. Mclean: 4.0

earlier in the year bought the same size tyres from another well known supplier, but the pair from Oponeo were far better quality more »

Opinion Chris: 5.0

Do the job never been stuck with them as I get to all different areas as I am taxi driver where great in the snow more »

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