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Summer tyres: Kenda

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Good price and quality
Opinion David: 3.8

It is my very first tyre set from the Asian manufacturer and I am really positively surprised. Noise level is the same as for European premium brands. Durability the same, I have not noticed that they worn off quicker then any other tyres. I used them for a second season now and so far I had no problems at all. Wet grip could be improved a bit but it is really good still. I am very satisfied and probably I will stop to pay extra for well known brands if I can have such a good product for better deal. Probably I will be able to use them for three or four years. Do not know yet, it is just an impression but I would not be surprised. Good value for the money. more »

Opinion Mike: 3.8

I decided to purchase a new set of budget tyres from asian manufacture and I have to say that I am pleased with them. I had small problems to balance the wheels but somehow we managed to do it. I fitted them to brand-new rims so I couldn't blame rims.The tyres perform very good on dry condition and a little worse on wet surface but i think even most expensive tyres has the same results. I strongly recomend Kenda tyres to all drivers. For small money you can buy brand-new tyres! more »

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Winter tyres: Kenda

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Opinion Lucas: 4.8

You can't go wrong with those tires made a real differance on snow roads more »

Opinion Andrzej: 3.4

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For now, I'm very pleasantly surprised. After delivery of the tyre looked very carefully and you will see that they are done very neatly, evenly and nicely finished, the mixture seems to be no deviations from what is offered by other companies. After the tyres again, ok, no problems balancing, traveled as a service, does not break in the wet when starting at a reasonable wciskaniu gas. Potestowałem little braking, generally very good on dry, wet and fine mud, not ridden on ice. A little roar when driving around 90 km / h, and generally I'm very pleased and surprised on the upside, because I had some concerns there, waiting for the courier, but I managed to save. more »

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All season tyres: Kenda

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