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Summer tyres: Sonar

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Recently added reviews

Opinion Marcel: 4.4 111140

My original tire size was 175/70R14 but I bought 16" wheels and mounted a 205/50R16 Sonar SX-1 on them. I love it! It rains a lot in my region that´s why I chose a directional tires such as this one. It works perfectly. I was confused in the form, but these tires do not make much noise, they are pretty quite. more »

Opinion Peter Collins: 3.8 111800

Very good tyre for the price and is compatiable with the more expensive brands , tyey are a really good tyre never going out of balance and the wear is even , and in a sticky situation the tyres are predictable. more »

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Winter tyres: Sonar

Popular models of winter tyres Sonar

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Recently added reviews

Good price
Opinion Alex Walker: 4.0 11110

Value for money this tyre would show up some of those big brand tyres easily more »

Excellent value for money
Opinion Alex Walker: 4.3 111130

Will buy again no hesitation more »

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