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Summer tyres: Goodride

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Good tyres
Opinion Fabian: 2.0

I've been using Goodride SC328 tyres for a couple of years now on a van and do about 1300 miles per week with many daily stops and so far they are doing very well, keeping very good grip on the road. more »

Good for all vans
Opinion sezamjarek: 3.4

For this class of tyre I am surprised by the quality of the steering. the ride on dry as well as on wet roads is good. more »

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Winter tyres: Goodride

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cheap and good
Opinion Wally: 4.4

I had to buy new winter tyres, and because of my limited budget I decided to buy Goodride SW601. On my the second car I have Debica Frigo 2s fitted, so I'll try to make a small comparison. On fresh snow and slush their behaviour is very good, and thus very similar. They both slide on ice, but it's common knowlegde that the only way ot drive on ice is to use spiked tyres. As for behaviour on wet and dry, Goodride tyres provide better grip than Debicas. They grip better in the corners and at higher speeds you have the sense of stability (the car doesn't swerve). I did about 7000 miles on Goodride tyres and I don't see any visible signs of wear. To sum up, Goodride SW601 are good tyres at a decent price. more »

Tires recommendable :)
Opinion Derek: 4.8

My driving style is very fast and dynamic, so I was in need of good and safe tyres.. I bought Goodride SW608. I was quite sceptical about unknown brands... but I risked for very low price for such tyres.. and I must admit, I am surprised in 100%!!! On dry surface, the tyre catches the road like a "leech", its short stopping distance and its ability to redirect water very well, driving is superb and safe. On snow, was driving with about 37 to 87 mph :) and I felt comfortable with these tyres: I covered quite a distance through winter and a moment of spring, andd the Goodride SW608 will serve me well for some next 3 seasons :) with my driving style. I definitely recommend more »

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All season tyres: Goodride

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All models of Goodride all season tyres

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