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Austone Athena SP7
Positive surprise.
Opinion Maciej: 4.1

They are not premium class tires, and their price is almost ridiculous. However, comparing the quality of this tire to its price, with more expensive tires, I say that for people who use the car on a daily basis for commuting, etc., the tire is worth recommending. The tires behave properly on the road, they stick to both dry and wet surfaces, and the car rarely loses grip. With low engine power they can do it. On the highway it may not be perfectly quiet, and comfort on unevenness or just highways is not outstanding, but fully acceptable. I think I can knowingly recommend them. I made about 5k km on them and I did not have any problems with them, and the tire looks the same as before putting it on. At the same time I can admit that they look much more expensive, because they have a very interesting tread. Normal consumption, almost unnoticeable after one season. As an advantage of this tire I can add that it protects the rim well. I think it makes no sense to overpay for the tires of well-known brands. more »

Austone SP8
Or given away
Opinion Ángel Martín: 1.2

They do not grab anything they did in the summer so far with cold asphalt sold. 18,000 Km and agur (thankfully) because you brake nor anything with them. Just they do not sound, but vibrate and I took the equilibrate. Nor are they cheap. Never again. more »

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