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Summer tyres: Milestone

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Chinese tires with hard rubber
Opinion Maciej: 2.4

I generally don't recommend these tyres. At the beginning I had them on the rear axle. Wore the car on the ruts as if I had a damaged suspension. I checked them - everything was good. In addition, when it rained, the rear flew as if I had at least 300 horses, and I have only 136. Tyres are probably made of a hard compound and this is their drawback. As this year I put them on the front, it was also on the ruts that the car tended to brush. The car on these tyres behaved unpredictably. From the noise side, ok. I do not recommend these tyres. more »

Tires recommendable especially in terms of quality / price.
Opinion Piotr T.: 4.0

I bought a set of tyres. A pleasant surprise when balancing tyres - practically without problems I have been using them since May and during this time I managed to test them in the rain and on dry surfaces. They are not racing tyres but they hold very well on dry surfaces and are decent on wet. For family vans which serve as a means of family transport and not a race bus, I highly recommend !!! more »

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Winter tyres: Milestone

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Qiuck profesional to buy no problem. Tyres are best
Opinion Przemyslaw Nowacki: 4.6

Opinion is very good I will be use the service again if I have to more »

I do not recommend
Opinion Atonc: 2.8

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I ride on these tires first winter season and I can not recommend it. Several times was a difficult situation to overrun and donuts do not give advice. Bad job of on snow-covered roads and packed snow. more »

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