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Autoguard SA802
May be
Opinion karol: 3.7

Generally tire as the price is not so bad on dry roads, worse on the wet ... more »

Autoguard SA902
I would definitely recommend !!
Opinion Irish: 4.6

Hello. At the outset, I wanted to tell the Chinese not everything is trash :) I've never been a Chinese tires but after buying and driving several thousand kilometers I had to apologize with the Chinese :) I would definitely recommend !! Michelin used a previously EnergySever + and prom to assume these AutoGuardy but unfortunately I was forced (financially). Now I have to again change the rubber and I know that the pile again :) so to sum up the tires were founded on the Ford Galaxym diesel and the front had done (use only the stop) on the back of yet 4mm and is already . I was at the front but unfortunately also Falkeny only durable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the massacre of some sort: / So at the end I recommend these donuts :) more »

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