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Summer tyres: Zeetex

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Opinion Pd: 2.4 114000

Very loud more »

Very mysterious tires, but positive!
Opinion Przemek: 4.3 111130

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As in the subject, tires are very puzzling. Already after leaving the workshop, feel that it is going slightly, it is quiet and peaceful. Rolling resistance I have to admit that it is very small, which can also be a minus - when starting uphill, you have to be gentle because they can "zapoksować". It's more interesting after leaving the city, the tires look like swimming along the road, in the faster corners you have to gently interact with the gas pedal because the car starts to run away. But on the highway at speeds above 120km / h you can feel stability and grip - the car does not float, tires smoothly and quietly glide over the surface - a few people have already pointed to how quiet is in the car while driving (and this is not an advantage cars but tires). However, there is another curiosity, at speeds above 190km / h they start to really strangely make noise despite the purchase of tires with an increased "Y" speed index that is puzzling. When it comes to burning, it's not bad! The appearance does not impress, it resembles tires of my son's toy cars but the tread is deep and after driving over 2500 km they still look like they are not moved - well washed could be sold as new! The vulcanizer did not curse when planting and did not complain, he said that many of the worse ones were founded. Overall summary: This is my second set of tires by the Zeetex brand (I had previously bought winter tires) and I knew what I was deciding and I still recommend these tires! more »

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Winter tyres: Zeetex

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All models of Zeetex winter tyres

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Good tire for little money
Opinion Van: 3.5 111500

I bought Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 tyres in a rush, I was a bit concerned about them, but as it turned out, unnecessarily. The tyres have been tested in extreme conditions during two-week winter holiday. I was pleasantly surprised because they did well in deep snow and on slush, wet snow (slippery), there also were no problems with driving out of the drifts, parking lots covered in snow and driveways with steep uphill slopes. The drawback is that you can hear the tyres at speeds above of ​​70 MPH it's not much of a problem. I switched to Zeetex from the old Continentals and apart from noise level I can't see any difference. If someone is looking for good quality tyres in budget class, Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 is a good choice as there is no need to overpay. I can honestly recommend it for such price. more »

Super tyres!
Opinion Pablo: 5.0 11111

I bought Zeetex WP1000 tyres because they are very affordable. I did not expect anything special, but Zeetex is doing extremely well. I am very impressed how these tyres cope in winter conditions. In my region winter was quite strong this year and yet Wp1000 never let me down. They perform excellently on both up and downhill rides. It is also surprising that the braking distance is really short and the car remains under constant control. If I had to choose again good tyres for this price - I would of course buy Zeetex WP1000 without any worries. I recommend it to anyone who appreciates high quality at an affordable price more »

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All season tyres: Zeetex

Popular models of all season tyres Zeetex

All models of Zeetex all season tyres

Recently added reviews

A very good option in economy class.
Opinion M. Cabak: 4.2 111120

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Subjectively, these are tires much better than other of the price class I have used so far. They behave more than decently in all conditions, both in winter and in summer. Unless, of course, there is no ambition for all-season tires to be "summer" or "winter". They are neither such nor such, it is a compromise, the advantage of which is that you do not have to think every six months: "change slippers, or wait?" I do not assess durability because I have them too short. After 4000 km, there is no visible wear. Appearance is a subjective matter. Burning has not increased, so the rolling resistance is normal. more »

I recommend good value for money at this price.
Opinion Franc70: 3.4 111400

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In Vw Sharan, tires were installed from the beginning on the rear axle. It feels a little to feel the back, after inflating the tires the symptom seems to have subsided. It is a pity that the maximum air value for this tire is 3.5 MPa and the recommended value on the back of my car is 3.8 MPa (at full load). Winter was light almost without snow, so I can not say much about it, we will see how the tire will behave at high temperatures. more »

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