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Summer tyres: Avon

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Recently added reviews

Good but not the best
Opinion TDS: 3.8

Great Price for a solid tyre. The price is what made me go for the ZZ3 other another tyre. Having non run flats is a great improvement. It's a very good looking tyre. Minis are very harsh on road surfaces anyway and continued to be with the ZZ3. I find cornering is a bit unsteady at high speeds even with improved bushes. Never given me any problems in the wet. Best feature is under heavy breaking. They perform very well. My driving style is hard and fast. more »

Not living up to expectations
Opinion Bernard Sanke: 3.9

I bought these tyres as a money-saving exercise and sincerely regretted my decision. These tyres are no match to the originals I replaced, my long-time favourites Goodyear Efficient Grip. The Avons are noisy, and terrible to drive in wet conditions. The undoubtedly have increased fuel consumption by 5% due to their higher rolling resistance. Consequently, I am going to replace these soon and would not recommend them for the before mentioned reasons. more »

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Winter tyres: Avon

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Recently added reviews

generally do not recommend
Opinion Terry: 2.8

I bought Avon Ice Touring tyres along with my car, an Audi A3 1.8 125 BHP (front-wheel drive). I also have another Audi with Continental Winter T810 or something like that, I've been using them for four seasons now and they never failed, but the Avons... After the first rainfall I enterend the corner at ca. 50 MPH (temperature was ca. 13 degrees) and I fell into a skid, in the result of which I changed my driving direction. Driving on loose snow is horrible, and on compressed snow you feel like you're driving on ice. On slush they are a bit above the average, but it's certain death when the car swerves to the outside of the roundabout at ca. 20 MPH on slush and snow! When it comes to driving straight, braking and starting, I would give a C, but the monent you turn the wheels, they get terrible... personally I don't recommend them as they are not for heavier winter conditions. I will replace them with Debicas or Contis, provided I won't crash somewhere out there. more »

Excellent Tyre Used all year round
Opinion Neil: 4.3

Drive approximately 13000 miles per year, I have found i get approximately 8000 miles or 7 months on the fronts without bothering to swap, the rears just keep going, perhaps 18 months. I use my Kangoo Car Estate as a van and it sits quite low due to the load, ( Not excessive load) I have had approximately 3 full sets and find these tyres good in summer and winter, especially in the wet. ( I have also tried continental eco contact 3 xl on the front and they are complete rubbish - 5000 miles and down to the wire ) I have found the Avons are excellent value and its better to already have them on when it gets cold or wet as opposed to wishing you had them on when it gets cold. more »

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