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Summer tyres: Mentor

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Mentor M350A
not worth it
Opinion asco: 2.8

Definitely not worth it to pack in those tires. I drove on them just under 10 thousand. km and can discourage. I bought it a year ago somehow the promotion of 150 cents / art. I did not expect miracles. But the tires are terrible. In total they have three advantages: 1 - very nice look and tread pattern, 2 - quite smooth damping bumps in the road, 3 - are not too noisy. At this, unfortunately, the pros end. Tires on the slippery very quickly lose their grip when braking. The dry nor too pink. 140 horsepower sedan disputes can easily make it lose grip of the asphalt. I do not drive the car aggressively, so I will not say how in keeping with fast cornering (probably not dare to test them so :)) Over 160 km / h do not feel confident on these tires. To sum up: it's better to buy something else because they do not have in them nothing which explains their price. They are suitable at best for someone who drives slowly and carefully. more »

Mentor M350A
Opinion robocop: 1.7

Revelation. Tires fatal. On a dry squeak them and the car breaks above 100 km / h starts to swim. The real fun starts in the wet. For suicides Be lovers of adrenaline. About any emergency braking can you forget - will flow. When it rains even on a roundabout can make a surprise and behave as if the road was ice. Braking and pulling away on wet - the massacre. In addition loud. Nicely nierownowsci the crowd because auto swims - like someone does not like to have control of the vehicle and likes to wonder which way to swing it just will recommend. I took off the trash and I sold it for a pittance. Assume a set of Delfin DK 7000 and I feel like I'm ridden another car. I do not recommend. more »

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Winter tyres: Mentor

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Mentor M200
Recommendable tire in its class.
Opinion kiler: 4.1

Good alternative to Debica, Barum and Matador. While in dry conditions at higher temperatures, the tyre is quite loud, but it's the only downside. Auto does not fly, there is no problem with moving my sticking to the surface, even on curves. In the wet also works very well, do not feel that the braking distance is lengthened or by car losing traction. I had the opportunity to ride on these tyres during the snow, like right after them, and the slush. There was a problem with moving my kopnym even snow, probably kept track car ride even on sharp turns. I could not have a bad word to say on the behavior of the car under braking in these conditions. The tyre performs well not only in the city and a quiet ride, but also on the highway at higher speeds. more »

Mentor M200
Delay after przjechaniu over 2000 km.
Opinion bombowca: 4.0

Tyres purchased this year. I am positively surprised. While in the dry at higher temperatures and are quite noisy. However, the wet behave quite well. I have had the opportunity to ride on these tyres in the snow and slush. The car was very good, there was a problem with the brake moving my car kept track. I do not feel it any swimming or sliding the car under any circumstances. As for the vibration on the steering wheel - what the previous Debice or in another car Michelinach at temperatures of 10 degrees or it felt. So it is with the tyres at high positive temperatures - feel the vibrations (also depending on the quality of the asphalt), but at low temperatures and winter conditions are performing very well. more »

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