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Summer tyres: Petlas

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Recently added reviews

Very good 'bargain' tyre. Excellent quality and price.
Opinion Octaviusiv: 4.0 11110

Having been impressed with the Petlas 'Snowmaster' winter tyres I decided to try the 'Imperiums' to replace 2 Vredestein Ultrac Cento's on the front axle. Having had Vredestein Sportrac 3 & 5 in the past I found the Ultrac Cento's nowhere near as good for grip, but the Imperiums are much better imho. They are quiet, comfortable and have never given me a moment's uncertainty - well worth a try for the price. It is difficult to find these on any 'official tests', so check out the reviews. more »

Feel better on driving my car since I use this tyres. It really holds and give balance with a power grip on curve and in any surfaces.
Opinion Mitc: 4.6 111160

The tire is good and reliable basing on my driving experience. In a foggy, wet and some icy road that I drove for more than 2000km I never encounter any problem. more »

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Winter tyres: Petlas

Popular models of winter tyres Petlas

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Recently added reviews

real snow master
Opinion Eyvaz: 4.0 11110

I used Petlas Snowmaster 245 /45 /18 on my front wheel drve Insignia last winter and they were very good. That why I've ordered these tyres again for my new Avensis. more »

Got what i paid for
Opinion T Howard: 4.0 11110

I'm really quite happy with these tyres and see no reason to change to a dearer make which would only do the same job. more »

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