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Summer tyres: Haida

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Good tires at an affordable price.
Opinion GrLucas: 4.4

Haida HD921 was being operated from the beginning of the summer season, which is now about six months. I did on Haida HD921 about 4000 miles and I am pleasantly surprised I did not have the situation that the tires failed me. The real test was going on 100 miles distance in a massive rain. It was pouring hard at a speed of 80 mhps and the car was going smoothly, no strange and dangerous behaviors stick to the road like it was glued to it. As for durability and abrasion hard for me to say how far the tread was intacked. To sum up: my car is different sometimes calm, sometimes fast and dynamic and tires keep up in any case. more »

For the price tires are not the worst
Opinion Raphael: 3.5

I bought Haida HD921 due to the very favorable price. I found that I will have to exchange them more often. Previously rode a set of Firestone and withstood some 30 thousand. and the cost ... So far there are no any problems with Haida HD921. They seem a little hard, specialist stated that the assembly may be feathering (whatever that means), Overall I would recommend - certainly better than any used. more »

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