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You don't need to know the size of the tyres fitted on your car, nor do you need to look for the manufacturer's homologated size in the vehicle handbook or fuel filler cap. To choose the best tyre size, enter your car brand, vehicle model, body type, car generation and engine capacity and we will show you the best size and the sizes that can be used alternatively.

Most car manufacturers homologate several sizes of rims, and therefore tyres, for the same car model. Once you have entered the information, you will see which substitutes you can use safely, without the risk of reducing the quality and safety of your driving.

After completing the data, you can make your choice based on your own preferences - including the manufacturer and price. Manufacturers are divided into 3 classes - premium, medium and budget - which makes the choice even easier. The price slider allows you to specify a price range that suits you and, as a result, only selects tyres that meet your needs.

By selecting the tyre load index and speed rating, you will receive a selection of models that match the data you have previously entered.

Thanks to our configurator, you will know the right tyre size for your car, guaranteeing high performance and safety on the road. You don't need to know anything about tyres, you just need to know the right parameters of your car and you will be able to choose from the models that suit it.