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Summer tyres: Barum

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on my citigo sport they are just excellent
Opinion milly wilson: 4.0

my car came with continental sport contact 5 .after seeing theasr tyres made by continental even although they are budget tyres my car does 100mph max. I use it driving around greater London with the gran kids in.i must admit to being a sporty driver at almost 70 yrs of age ,the continentals are 75 quid thease tyres just 50 quid a considerable saving built by same company and to the german higher standard than us in uk so they should be good.on the rear are continental just replaced fronts but I cant notice any difference.they are great and bombing around city they are lasting well.who says you need expensive tyres barum certainly show how good they are and at this price from openo im more than impressed.barum you have certainly changed my view.i have merceds also and would consider for that keep up the excellent work and I hope get many miles out them.barum have exceeded my expectations well done more »

Good for the price
Opinion JR: 4.6

Haven't had these for long but for summer tyres, they grip in the wet quite well in my body rolling car, but it's heavy and an automatic so that slows/weighs it down. The reason I bought this was to replace one that had punctured on the inside wall from a shard of glass/metal, so I'm a little worried about the strength of these, but it's the first time I had 4 matching tyres so replacing with another 3HM was my only desire. They seem to be able to hold air pressure quite well compared to what I've had previously but I don't know if a tyre can affect that or if it's more down to the rim being in good shape. Not sure about fuel economy as my car has a leaking CCV system combined with winter fuel and cold weather. Plus these are the only tyres I've had on this car so I've got nothing to compare them to. Road noise isn't too bad, no worse than other cheap tyres. more »

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Winter tyres: Barum

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In this price range - I recommend
Opinion Martin: 3.6

I usre the tyres on my Ford Focus estate. I have this car since September, so I have no comparison of its behaviour on other tyres. Previously I used a Partner on popular Kelly tyres. After the first snowfall I got a little scared when I had to drive out of my driveway. I had to go about 70 metres to the main road, uphill all the time. The Partner was driving without any problems, and the Focus fitted with Barum Polaris 3 had a bit of problems. I had to take the hill a few times. Apart from this situation, the tyres are worth recommending. They are much better than Kelly on the road, quieter, provide better grip on wet and on slush. For such price Barum Polaris 3 are definitely worth recommending. more »

Opinion Antonio : 4.8

Ive tested the Barum Polaris 3 in heavy winter.Ive done 20,000 km of which 10,000 km in the middle of winter with snow and ice. The rubber proved to be very good and strong. Nice tread pattern. The car has always been kept up very well to the road and with the thick snow and icy roads. Never had a problem with the discharge of mud and water. When driving on dry asphalt you hear a slight noise but not too loud. The second car I have fitted that tyre and it has always been very controllable on wet snow. The tyre well behave even with a more dynamic driving on snowy roads. Ive already recommended that tyre to many of my friends and I can recommend it to you. Barum Polaris 3 is a tyre to go for! more »

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All season tyres: Barum

Popular models of all season tyres Barum

All models of Barum all season tyres

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Opaonka great for me.
Opinion tester: 4.0

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I bought this tyre also because of the price, and I do not have to go still exchange for winter or summer. After this summer, which was in 2010 and the winter of 2010-2011 which was quite sharp I must say that were doing great, because I have to deal with a variety of cars with different tyres and so I can see the difference. What I have included in them yet, is that in my car that has a hard suspension and is suitable for driving on good roads west, and it is a Nissan Almera, this tyre softness gives your truck while also cushioning good car. So I bought Clincher concluding that met my expectations, but at the beginning I advised against it, saying that there is no such thing as a tyre-season, and I had a big dilemma and now the use in summer and winter, however, say that this tyre is telling me that I satisfies . more »

Author:Marek K
Opinion Marek K: 3.4

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There is no opinion yet these tyres so I'm pierwszy.Dystans run over on these tyres is 100 km.więc opinion is not full but what captivated me after the first kilometer of driving comfort is unbelievable car ride leads now holds the finger normally revelation direction . bought only two on the front but in the autumn re-buy two more. multigrade tyres for me is a comfortable option, and I think that in the near future will increase zainteresowanie.Minusem them is that there is very little information on these tyre tests online, price 205 zł per item is very attractive more »

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