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Summer tyres: Viking

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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In my very good tire.
Opinion Viking: 4.3

Tires bought a little "to fast", started to watch Fulda, but there has been a total failure of the old GOODYEAR Facilities NCT5 and needed a tire immediately. In the workshop they were about Viking. A little hesitant, but I bought and a total of no regrets. It's hard to compare with other tires - because of ośmioletnimi GOODYEAR-ami it's like to change wooden clogs on running shoes for half the national average. I can compare them to 3-year-s BARUM Bravuris 2 from the Corsa C by my wife and me are quieter, behave similarly to dry in the rain are better / safer, it seems to me that slowly wear out (Barumy are impermanent), while The only drawback for some may be the appearance. Sam tread is approx. While the Vikings have too many graphics on the tire sidewall. more »

Viking PROTECH 2
Surprisingly good
Opinion Optymista: 4.5

I bought at the instigation of the tyre service owner with some disbelief. During the 3.5-year life could be convinced that they really are good. I have never failed. I had a goodyear EXCELLENCE definitely not recommend - held only one season on the wet total failure. For Vikingach never observed despite the relatively wide aquaplaning tyres (235/45 R17). After 100 thousand. kms still very good traction. Currently, I'm buying another set. more »

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Winter tyres: Viking

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Viking SnowTech 2
Very cool tire for a small cash
Opinion Maciek VOLVO: 4.2

Before buying these tires read user ratings and I had mixed feelings, but I saw it at the vulcanizer, and I think it is worth spróbować.Po assumption tires on the second day route 700 KM.W car silence caught me on the way snowstorm, the car ran a great (of course it depends from individual driving style) both wet and dry conditions. Really good conscience I would highly recommend this tire. Perhaps the people who write about them that they have a lousy lousy cars. more »

Viking SnowTech 2
The snow is second to none
Opinion Xrx: 4.7

The case is as follows. In the absence of the tires of this size in my town, I took vikingi. To my surprise, the tires were sensational. In the snow where other cars became my vehicle who has over 200km and drive back he was able to push the chair. Nor on them I not buried, but it seemed that it did not budge. Do I bought a 2nd time? Without hesitation. These tires are really quiet for so good. Recommended more »

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