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Summer tyres: Nexen

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Excellent tyre excellent price!!
Opinion Mr B: 4.3

I have a T5.1 Transprter sportline, and anybody with this type of vehicle know that tyre wear is an issue (low mileage out of tyres) my 1st set were Perelli on 18" good tyre excellent drive and handling but tyre wore out at 8000 miles. 2nd set Goodyear F1, again excellent tyre with near enough the same handling properties as the Perelli! Mileage slightly higher at 11000. So I thought I'd check out the lower brand Nexen 6000.. At more than half the price cheaper than the two above tyres.. I am really impressed upto now! Good looking tyre tread, handling in dry and wet conditions just as good as the above and noise level on par too... No brainer, I will be buying this tyre again.. 4000 mile on tyre and wear even and minimal.. Let's see if they can out mile the rest.. Even if they don't, tyre quality and price make it for me.. Type of driving urban and motorway.. My opinion the Best Buy by far!! more »

Opinion Sergei Go: 4.7

Have 4 tyres. Using them in Ireland where weather conditions mostly wet, but sometimes dry as well, air temperatures around 10 degree with variation + or - 5 (during spring and part of the summer). Never had ESP system activated even on wet road, driving aggressively or going fast around small roundabouts, but it did happen with OTHER cheap Chinese tyres.I drive manual gearbox car. So wet grip is perfect.Driving at around 120-130 km/h is a pleasure. Noise is low and stability is perfect even driving average sized 7 seater.My comparison is also based on previous experience with Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance which I had fitted on Toyota Prius. Using Nexen tyres, I didn't experience any difference in handling, performance, grip or noise level although vehicles are different. Verdict: Great quality, performance and value! more »

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Winter tyres: Nexen

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Recently added reviews

The tyres are really worth being recommended!!!
Opinion BrownieMan: 4.5

Nexen is not a well-known manufacturer of tyres. Their products are rather little known and because of this they are cheaper. On the other hand, if they are cheaper, is the quality still acceptable? Yes, it is. I read a lot of comments about the Nexen Winguard Snow'G WH2 and they have great reviews. In the past I decided to purchase a set of Nexen summer tyres in the size 215/55R16 and they were brilliant. The positive experience helped me to choose Nexen's Winguard Snow'G WH2 model in the size 205/60R16. I cannot describe how happy I am. While I was looking for some good winter tyres I browsed the Internet and I could not decide for some time. Ultimately, I decided to buy middle-class tyres in order to save some money (although the size I purchased is unusual and because of that it is a bit more expensive). The European Union labels decidedly helped me to make a purchase. I was looking for a tyre with B or C fuel consumption rating and finally I found it. The tyres are superb. The rubber compound helps to enhance cold weather traction. The tread pattern combines hydroplaning resistance on wet and slush-covered roads with unique grip and good braking distance in winter conditions. The Nexen Winguard Snow'G WH2 are predictable and communicative while driving in snow. What is more, they are very quiet. It may be associated with the fact that my car has a very good sound-proofing. I have never had any problems with these tyres. They are doing surprisingly well on ice. My car is so stable that ESP and ABS did not have to activate in difficult weather conditions. As I mentioned earlier, in the past I was a bit apprehensive about buying Nexen tyres as they were so cheap. However, they are fantastic tyres offering: increased dry and wet grip in all-weather conditions (although they are typical winter tyres) - I tested them both in deep snow and on a dry road. The biggest advantage of the Nexen Winguard Snow'G WH2 tyres is their price. Taking into consideration the quality they deliver, they are definitely worth buying. I would like to recommend these tyres to everybody, who are looking for good tyres in a reasonable price. Certainly I will buy Nexen tyres again in the nearest future. more »

Good tire for good money! I would definitely recommend - would buy again.
Opinion Green345: 4.0

I bought the Nexen Winterguard tyres as I wanted a high spec tyre, but didn’t want to pay top whack for it. I found this tyre as a good alternative to more expensive brands. As it’s a winter tyre, I was looking for great grip and safety, as I am a rather cautious driver. After driving nearly 8,000 miles, I see no wear at all. The tyres are like new. They perform strongly on slush and snow, and the grip is good, and I always feel in control, when I drive. On dry asphalt roads, they drive very comfortably, due to the profile and size. They provide a great deal of control and the braking performance is superb, much better than my old Michelin tyres. The drainage is also good, so there are no problems of driving on wet roads at all. The tyre performs well over a wide range of temperature too. I was worried that on sub-zero roads, it might slip a little, but I was surprisingly reassured. I have previously been disappointed by “premium-range” tyres, so all-in-all, I rate the Nexen Winterguard tyres very highly. In fact, I will look to purchase some more Nexen tyres, for summer driving, as previously I had Bridgestone Potenza tyres, but am looking to replace these shortly. more »

All season tyres: Nexen

Popular models of all season tyres Nexen

All models of Nexen all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion Robert: 3.6

Ich habe länger an dem Auswahl von entsprechende Reifen gedacht und endlich die Entscheidung getroffen, die Reifen von Nexen N’Prinz 4S kaufen vormontierte nur jahreszeitlich bedingt. Mit Alufelgen präsentiert sie sich gut und und sehen anständig aus. trockenen Bedingungen gehalten gut, aber vergessen Sie Sport nicht erstellt, so dass an der Straße glatt zu fahren. Angenehm war ich überrascht, wenn es geregnet hat, koennte ich reibungslos bremsen. Der Reifen ist nicht stark, aber aufgrund seiner Spezifikation und man kann die Lauffläche des Laufstreifens zu hören. Verbrennung höher sein sollte, aber habe ich keine Änderungen nicht bemerkt. Wenn die Temperatur unter Null fiel ich fühle mich auf jeden Fall ist es ein bisschen schwieriger als Winterreifen, muss man vorsichtig nur rutschig sein. Ich hatte die Gelegenheit, Debica Navigator 2 auch ausprobiert. fast den gleichen Preis, ist dieser Reifen besser, ist steifer, zieht das Auto nicht automatisch nach rechts, wie Debica Bei höheren Geschwindigkeiten fahre ich etwas ruhiger. Ich möchte nur unterstreichen, dass nicht alle Fahrzeuggrößen werden sich auf die gleiche Weise zu verhalten. Nexen N’Prinz 4 sind toll. more »

worth recommending
Opinion zawodowy kierowca: 3.8

I've been waiting all winter to evaluate these tyres but this year the winter was not too strong, so it's hard for me to speak about the behavior of these tyres in winter conditions. In this winter's circumstances or little more snowy quietly they act very confindent. I live in a city where it is generally cleared of snow so there were no problems either with accelerating and braking. Therefore, I find it difficult to evaluate these tyres on winter. As for the other seasons you can say the same advantages. Tyres can not be heard, starting and braking without complaint. Riding on the corners as well. With that, I wanted to point out that my driving style is relaxed. I do not use a public road to madness, so I do not know how they will behave for aggressive driving. But if someone goes quiet and the city does not make sense to spend a lot of money on a seasonal tyres from higher shelves. You can safely buy Nexens. more »

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