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Summer tyres: Nexen

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Nexen CP661
Nexen Witam.Opony are performing superbly, used in different weather conditions have passed the exam with flying colors told friends, they have plans to buy has just these tires. Regards, I join Wishes Healthy and happy Easter. The customer Mrozek.
Opinion Rysiek: 4.2

They perform very well in different weather conditions and climates. more »

Nexen N8000
We strongly recommend you personally these TIRES!
Opinion Chrzanek: 5.0

Have passed a further month after purchase these tires. Again, so I could no longer spend some opinions about these tires. And I'll tell you honestly that I am very pleasantly surprised with respect to these tires. I thought that for such a so-called 'budżetówce' may be hard, but I was surprised. Super cornering, a great drain rain water, holding the road like it was glued. The aesthetic appearance also a great plus. Overall, I'm really happy with these tires. A noise? Ladies and Gentlemen .. How changed from winter tires (new) on those summer already is heaven and earth! I know that winter tires make noise in warm conditions, the type of spring, but not that much, so I'll tell you that the difference colossal. They are really quiet, whether it's new or old asphalt. AGAIN recommended! Greetings. more »

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Winter tyres: Nexen

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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I would definitely recommend!
Opinion Greg: 4.7

I cannot tell much about durability because I have them for not to long. I do not judge the noise level, because my car is very loud, the appearance also does not bother me because all tyres looks same to me (they are all black). Rolling resistance - cannot see any difference. Pot holes and roads irregularities? How can they suppress anything if tyres size is 215/40? Therefore, I evaluate only the driving characteristics. But these are amazing - I had different tyres - Michelin, Toyo, Falken, Continental, Kleber and many others, but these Nexens are great, comparable to the best. It is good on wet, wet, but it is simply brilliant on the snow. I probably did not have such a good one yet, really. The car is a bit lowered and low profile is not helping at all to drive in the snow, but they still stick perfectly and are predictable. And the price even several times lower. more »

Very good tyre for the money I would recommend
Opinion Dan: 4.4

Hi, I have been checking tyre offers for a long time and I have decided to trust users from an online forums and to purchase Nexen tyres. Winters are quite warm but on the dry asphalt they are very good at wet also now I got a ride on the snow no problem with starting very well brakes on the snow without losing grip. The tyres are fitted to Megane with 2.0 16v engine and it was is a purchase worth recommending for sure this year I will buy again 2 pcs. To have a full set. If someone is looking for good tyres for the amount 60 quid I recommend very good quality mixture and really very quiet tyres I was really happy after leaving the fitter because I was afraid of high winter and winter for sure it will be loud, and here a nice surprise has been done for 1 k and I cannot say the wrong opinion. more »

All season tyres: Nexen

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Nexen N'Priz 4S
Excellent tyre shame they are a directional tyre
Opinion Richard Davis: 4.8

I bought five tyres look good and run well just run to the south of Spain and back on some tight and twisting roads fully loaded including a roof box and couldn't have been happier. Didn't affect my fuel consumption as I could see noise level was low, and held the road well even on some very tight turns, in both dry and very wet Road surfaces and 0 degrees at time. A comfortable ride even on some not so good road surfaces. Extremely happy with my choice only disadvantaged is they are a directional tyre so not so good as a spare tyre. Over all I am very happy with the quality and price of the tyres more »

Nexen N'Priz 4S
Super tyres
Opinion Barano: 4.9

I am driving on them since 6 months. Earlier, I used the summer tinctures and branded winter tyres and after the founding Nexens there's completely different quality. No beating on the steering wheel as it was with the old tyres, on dry pavement there were also no problem - only over 100 km/h .they were a little louder. On the wet without any problem, also moving the braking. Much better than the old branded winter tyres. I can easily recommend them for urban driving. While fitting, vulcanizer said that the tyres are good balanced, fitting without the slightest problem. I still did not check them on snow but driving through the city is smooth especially because in my previous car i had all-season ones and they were ok. I can 100% recommend them and whole store. more »

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