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Summer tyres: Lassa

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Good value with reasonable performance
Opinion Stu: 3.4

A read a lot of reviews praising the performance of this tyre so took a gamble. It's well constructed and looks more premium than the Chinese budget tyres and initially the performance seemed on par with the premium European tyres. In the dry, they are fine, very quiet and reasonably grippy. In the wet however, they just don't come close to Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli or Continental for grip. Cornering, braking and accelerating can easily overwhelm the grip in wet conditions. They would suit a small petrol engined car with little torque. They seem to wear well and are a comfortable riding tyre. more »

Awesome tyre - highly recommended!
Opinion Jaeger: 4.0

Impetus Revo are excellent tyres. I’ve had these for 12 months and have done 18, 000 miles on them, and they’re still very sticky even in the wet. Great for motorway and round-town driving - and they’re also pretty good in snow, given that they're not even a winter tyre. They're made by Bridgestone, my dealer told me, and they certainly perform as well as Bridgestones do - but just not at premium price! more »

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Winter tyres: Lassa

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The best
Opinion Iulian: 5.0

Very good tyres more »

mükemme a local Lasse Iceways
Opinion Selim Oğuş: 4.2

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I'm using the interruption of this brand since 2009, have a tread depth of 9 mm over the entire winter tires, especially the 4 and spiked in use, even over 30% of ice in traction and landing yapabiliyor.sul and intense abdominal pretty good, even unbeatable I would say. ( Uganda 8 and Alpine are very kullanmışlıg.) soft rubber, the only drawback is a little gürültülü.v in 2014 to enter the same tread depth of 8mm görebilirsiniz.teşekk under değil.fiyat and quality are attractive at these tires. more »

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