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Summer tyres: Pirelli

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Recently added reviews

Not bad but with defects.
Opinion Czeloo: 3.6

Overall the tyre is not bad but not suitable for certain cars. Strengths: - relatively low rolling resistance - very good dry grip and good control in case of loss of grip - Good steering precision - decent longevity - good control in case of loss of grip in the wet - fairly easy balancing and no "run-out" of the tyre - decent resistance to aquaplaning - The biggest advantage of the tyres is the control of the car after losing grip in dry and wet (additionally it is easy to sense when a skid occurs) AND the grip on dry pavement. Drawbacks: - quite significant noise from the start - they make a distinct noise and this is due to the high hardness of the tread - the biggest disadvantage is that the tyre increases the car floating on ruts, also tested on a BMW E92. Compared to other tyres, the car simply starts pulling hard to the right and left on ruts. - Wet grip, first season ok, next season worse, always has a TC reaction when starting in the wet. - Unevenness damping is ok, but noticeably worse than on the softer Goodyears. - Due to the shape of the tread, the tyres increase the resistance to steering when manoeuvring and parking. more »

The best tyres I have ever had.
Opinion Elvis: 4.9

I was thinking about purchasing a set of new tyres for a quite long time and ultimately I decided to buy the Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde. The main criteria I took into consideration when making my choice was a price to quality ratio. I managed to place my order with Oponeo and purchased the tyres at a reasonable price. In my previous car I tried to experiment and combine sport performance with comfort. The vehicle I have currently is not a speed demon. I thought that a high profile tyre from a premium class manufacturer will be the best combination of comfort. It was a good decision and I am not disappointed. The Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde tyres are very quiet. They are extremely comfortable in a city. The size of my tyres is 185/65R14. Pirelli managed to combine comfort, grip and sport performance in these tyres. I would like to recommend the Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde tyres to all who look for the best quality product. Their provide safety on the road and this is the most important thing when it comes to overall performance. If you decide to buy these tyres, you will definitely not regret. more »

Winter tyres: Pirelli

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Recently added reviews

Opinion Zybers: 3.4

I bought the tyres in December, and the review is being written in the spring. Winter was as we have seen. There was snow, ice, rain and it also was dry with temperatures like 15 degrees. In all conditions the car's behaviour was predictable. Sensational in deep snow, on ice ABS was switching on but the car kept the driving direction and could be controlled. If you overcharge and feel that one of the axles starts to swerve, it is enough to slow down and the tyres immediately grip back. When you get a feeling of it, you are able to drive safely and much faster than other road users, which is why driving in winter ha been giving me great pleasure. On warm and dry pavement the tyres can hum a bit at more than 55 MPH but it is not bothersome. After 7000 miles the tyres look like new, they only lost their "spikes". Pirelli SottoZero are my first winter tyres, so I have nothing to compare them with, but seeing the behaviour of other cars in the same conditions, I have to admit that most of the cars had no chance with mine. In the previous car I used summer tyres all year round and I know I won't do it again. I won't endanger my family's life any more. Pirelli SottoZero are great tyres which I recommend to everyone! more »

A good tire with an average result on snow.
Opinion Luke: 3.8

I have currently driven 11,000 km on this tyres. I bought them because I was very happy with the Cinturato summer version, it is the first Pirelli winter product I use. The tyres seems to be actually quiet, which is rightly boasted by the manufacturer. At a speed of 160 km / h, the noise is perfectly tolerable and does not disturb at all. It is also quite economical for a winter tyre. Very good wet and dry traction. The tyre seems to be very soft (typical in the Cinturato family) which is an advantage, sometimes a disadvantage, if you don't like this feeling, especially when making sharp turns. I have reservations about the tyre's performance in snow. It is generally poor. When braking with medium force, the ABS is activated and the tyre loses grip. It does not "cut" into the snow, despite the impressive symmetrical fir tread. In this respect, it is definitely weaker than the GY Ultra Grip model, which I will probably come back to. A tire worth recommending for non-snow winters, especially when someone drives mainly on the highway like me. After driving 11,000 km, I estimate the abrasion resistance to be good with a big plus. Car: Focus HB 150KM. more »

All season tyres: Pirelli

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All models of Pirelli all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Great tyres
Opinion flavio pacuraru: 4.7

An amazing wet braking. I often drive at speeds between 110 and 135 mph with no problems! The price is great as well. From the beginning these tyres behive very good, I always take them to the limits. I recommend this all season tyre to all! It's a great one! more »

Opinion Barry: 4.5

I had a chance to drive this winter in a deep snow approx 20inch! They are OUTSTANDING as well on dry motorways. From north Poland to Spain !!!! A little bit noisy compare to summer tyres - but who cares ! Performance - excellent. My best tyres EVER ! more »