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Summer tyres: Pirelli

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Opinion adam: 4.8

I have them on Fiat Stilo. Best I’ve ever had. Good on wet and dry road. I drove 60k miles, but most of it, 45k miles was made in summer. No deformations, no vibrations on steering wheel. With good Ferodo DSP brakes you can show where middle class tyres are placed. No extra warming, good grip. No wearing on sidewalls. Highly recommend. For me, the only bad the tyre has is that the size 205/55R16 doesn’t have rim protector. Tyres have 4mm of tread pattern and deep pool causes aquaplaning at 60mph. But ESP/ASR turns in and everything goes smoothly then. This is my home car, the other is Subaru. I have lvl3 race driving diploma and I see those tyres absolutely perfect. Moderate driving style, like Colin McRae said: “Straight roads are for fast cars and curves for fast drivers.” Curves are very easy due to driver’s skills, great auto balance and nice suspension. more »

Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde
Great tires.
Opinion Maciek: 4.4

I bought more expensive tires because of the reputation of the Pirelli brand and I was not disappointed. After buying a car I spent a year on old winter sports cars. Then I bought Nokian winter tires and the comfort of driving increased tremendously. Compared to the old ones, they were quieter and better kept the car on the road. But Pirelli tires are even better. I know that you should not compare winter and summer, but I went on a summer ride in late autumn, when temperatures dropped to around 0 ° C and I did not feel the deterioration of driving, both on dry and wet surfaces. The Pirelli summer tires are also very quiet. When you drive around the city, you can hardly hear them, but cars passing by like that. At faster speeds, the more I did not hear them through the air. In short: worth the money, I recommend. more »

Winter tyres: Pirelli

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Opinion ARTI: 4.4

He recommended it to me friend "oponiarz". Horse Omega A 2.0i Auto. drive tył.Tylko ABS. The whole winter without any slippage. Tires sensational. "Mean" tread helps in driving on snow, mud. like going into the corner but point out during normal driving, it's hard to put a side car and that means safety. Moving, enter the snow-covered parking, driveways, roads paved and less inhibition at a very good level. Tire bit loud (on dry), but I do not mind. winter tyre to be functional and safe. to dry as the dry, winter tyre and feel so soft tires but as I wrote THIS IS winter tyre. I think that in the winter leg of the gas and a rockin 'in my car tire 1 class. I recommend to all "tylnonapędowcom" without the systems. more »

Pirelli SottoZero
Opinion Zybers: 3.4

I bought the tyres in December, and the review is being written in the spring. Winter was as we have seen. There was snow, ice, rain and it also was dry with temperatures like 15 degrees. In all conditions the car's behaviour was predictable. Sensational in deep snow, on ice ABS was switching on but the car kept the driving direction and could be controlled. If you overcharge and feel that one of the axles starts to swerve, it is enough to slow down and the tyres immediately grip back. When you get a feeling of it, you are able to drive safely and much faster than other road users, which is why driving in winter ha been giving me great pleasure. On warm and dry pavement the tyres can hum a bit at more than 55 MPH but it is not bothersome. After 7000 miles the tyres look like new, they only lost their "spikes". Pirelli SottoZero are my first winter tyres, so I have nothing to compare them with, but seeing the behaviour of other cars in the same conditions, I have to admit that most of the cars had no chance with mine. In the previous car I used summer tyres all year round and I know I won't do it again. I won't endanger my family's life any more. Pirelli SottoZero are great tyres which I recommend to everyone! more »

All season tyres: Pirelli

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

Popular models of all season tyres Pirelli

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Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season
Tyres for 4X4
Opinion Silvio: 3.7

Hi, I bought the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season two years ago. This was my first time I decided to go for all season tyres. Before this time I was always having two sets of tyres one for summer and winter. I am very positively surprised, the tyres are good, they behave well. Driving in city, mud, sand and even in winter on snow and mud - these are perfect. It was my friend who told me to buy all season tyres and he convinced me that I will save loads of money. There is no need to wait in ques swap tyres every season and also you do not spend money for and winter tyres. Another advantage is that you can spend a bit more and maybe go for premium make of all season tyres. I recommend to everyone Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season. more »

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season
x 4x4
Opinion Ilario2: 4.5

It's been 3 months since I bought the Pirelli Scorpion Green All Season tyres - I did not test them in the snow, only on the mud and sand, I can not say anything bad. I'm waiting for the winter to test them, they will definitely be perfect on snow I recommend Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season to anyone who lives in the country. :) more »