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Summer tyres: Dunlop

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Overall I would recommend but ...
Opinion Michał: 3.6 111600

Recommended for drivers who have a quiet, eco-driving style on dry roads, and that is all they are suitable for. They are sporty in name but have nothing to do with sport. For a driver who prefers a dynamic and fast driving style, especially outside the city in wet, rainy or even torrential conditions when there is water in the street in ruts, I strongly advise against it. In this respect, the tyres disappointed me: at speeds above 80 mph, you have to be careful because the tyres jerk and rip when driving into deeper water. For such conditions, the Uniroyal Rain Expert is unquestionably better, which even at speeds of 100 mph cuts through water perfectly when you hit a rut, and on which I've been driving for 6 years and even with a shallower tread they perform much better in the rain than the brand-new Dunlop. Another area where the Dunlop disappointed me was the noise level, the tyre was louder than my old Uniroyal. I don't know what it's about, but the theoretical figures on the EU label's ABCDE indicators and 68 db are fairy tales. I'll admit that this is what I was thinking when I chose my tyres, that if the indicators show better performance in the rain than Uniroyal, and that they are quieter, I thought this would be the case. I have been driving on these tyres since March and I can say with full responsibility that, unfortunately, the label does not correspond to reality. I have a dynamic driving style and I drive a lot outside the city - to sum up, if I had to choose again, I would not buy the Dunlop tyres but the new Uniroyal Rain Expert tyres, which I have been driving on for quite some time now. I also have winter sport dunlop tyres, and here the situation is completely different as the tyres are really amazing. Apparently, the summer model didn't work out so well for dunlop. But that is just my opinion. Regards and best wishes. more »

Surprisingly good tires!
Opinion Jacob: 4.4 111140

I am very positively surprised by these tyres. I admit that I have already used Dunlop SP Sport 01, so the requirements were quite high. Sport Maxx is a relatively quiet tyre on my car although SP Sport 01 seemed quieter to me. It looks very cool - the protective function of the rims works great - the tyre has an excess of rubber that protects the rim from rubbing against the curb. After driving about 15k km in various conditions I can fully say that the behavior on wet surfaces is sensational - it allows you to easily master the car even with dynamic driving (highway speeds) in heavy rain. I probably didn't feel so at SP Sport 01 or earlier Bridgestone Turanza. Grip on dry surfaces is amazing - I was driving along the A1 highway during a gale - speeds between 130-140 km / h - stable car. Strong gusts when leaving from behind noise barriers meant that the car was throwing but the steering wheel remained unmoved, the direction of travel unmoved. Let there be no negatives - good grip makes the fuel appetite increase - in my case it is about 0.2 - 0.3l / 100 km (depending on speed) - compared to Bridgestone Turanza, so generally without drama but still ... I also found one tyre that was slightly bulged - you can see it only on the balancing device when the wheel is spinning (imperceptible to the naked eye). The consequence was that one of the vulcanizers could not balance it - about 110 km / h you could feel a gentle beat on the steering wheel. Fortunately, another did without a problem - there was a need to stick weights in 3 places. Maybe this is just my 1 full copy .... In general, with a clear conscience recommend! more »

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Winter tyres: Dunlop

Popular models of winter tyres Dunlop

All models of Dunlop winter tyres

Recently added reviews

Quiet, easy to hold ground wet and dry in the snow OK
Opinion seb@: 4.3 111130

I am not a tyre specialist but I must admit that I felt a significant difference between my previous tyres (Continental Conti 850) and Dunlop Winter Sport 5. I purchased these tyres because they have really good reviews. I have very positive impressions and I would like to recommend them to everybody. My driving style is quite aggressive. I usually drive on non-urban roads, less frequently in a city or on a highway. The tyres provide an excellent grip. It feels like they were sticked to the road. It is really astonishing. They do their job even on ice and in deep snow and slush. Although their grip is superb the ABS system in my car had to operate from time to time but it is rather an obvious phenomenon in winter conditions. When the temperature goes down the tyres get even better and better. What is more, the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres are definitely quieter than my old ones. Wet and dry weather conditions are not an obstacle for them. I will stick with Dunlop from now and I will go for tyres from this manufacturer again in the nearest future. The tyres are good-looking. Driving a car on these Dunlops gives you a feeling of a confidence on the road. Despite the fact that they are pure winter tyres, they can be used as all-season ones. I think that in summer season they would behave as good as in winter one. In conclusion I can say only that the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres are one of the best money can buy in this size. They are definitely worth their price. I am glad I purchased them. more »

Superb tire, giving a sense of security on the road
Opinion Piotr: 5.0 11111

I decided to purchase the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres quite a long time ago. They were not cheap but I took into consideration their overall performance, good reviews, nice labeling and therefore I decided to buy a set. The tyres provide a road safety and there is no more important thing when it comes to driving a car. I have done approximately 2000 miles in different weather conditions (wet roads, heavy rain, slush, snow and ice). I have a rich experience in driving (I am a driver for more than 34 years and I've done more than 1 million miles. My driving style is rather not an aggressive one. I have only one thing to say - the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres are superb and I do not regret buying them. I had Pirelli Sottozero winter tyres previously mounted on my vehicle and I had some problems with balancing and a wheel alignment. My Honda Accord was skidding in corners and I experienced some problems while driving in deeper snow. Now I have a sense of comfort in all conditions. Even in these most demanding. I tested these tyres in slush and on a wet road and my Honda sticks to the road. The noise level of the tyres is very low. They are really quiet. Driving is extremely comfortable on these tyres despite the fact that I have a hard suspension (typical of Honda). Concluding, the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres are worth their price. It is better to spend a bit more money in order to feel safe in winter. I recommend these tyres to all drivers who look for safety and comfort. more »

All season tyres: Dunlop

Popular models of all season tyres Dunlop

All models of Dunlop all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion LB: 4.8 111180

This is the best tyre fitted to my suv. It is very light and quiet & fuel friendly. Very responsive steering. Amazing grip in either conditions. Increased braking ability. You feel safe. Will definitely buy again. P.S..I do not know why these are not mentioned in car magazines. more »

all season tyres great and good value
Opinion bill: 4.4 111140

those are very good value and there performance is very satisfactory more »