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Summer tyres: Fortuna

Popular models of summer tyres Fortuna

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Recently added reviews

Generally speaking, I can recommend these tyres to everyone.
Opinion Taylor: 3.9

Fortuna F2000 tyres are without question one of the best in this class. I used many different tyres before, for instance, Barum Bravuris and they are certainly not as good as Fortuna. If you ask me price vs quality is great. I have these tyres for the second season and I can honestly say they perform great on both dry and wet surfaces. I tested them also in bad conditions. I was travelling to my family last summer during a torrential downpour (almost a storm) and that's why I can say that short braking distance is one of the biggest advantage of Fortuna F2000 tyres. I consider buying them as a very good decision. There were also no problems with balancing. Generally speaking, I can recommend these tyres to everyone. I even chose Fortuna also for my winter tyres. more »

Safe and predictable. Great value for money. I can recommend it.
Opinion Rege: 3.4

On my way home I was surprised by a very heavy rain. I was a bit affraid at the beginning because I knew that I hadn't bought expensive tyres so I was prepared somehow to encounter mayby not the best handling capabilities. I was shocked when nothing terrible happend after buying Fortuna F1000. Actually they managed to overcome huge puddles without aquaplanning effect. I wasn't even expecting such good performance. From know I will be buying only new tyres from budget class because I experienced it on my own skin that there isn't any reason to pay more only for a premium name. more »

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Winter tyres: Fortuna

Popular models of winter tyres Fortuna

All models of Fortuna winter tyres

Recently added reviews

As for the price it's mostly OK
Opinion Greg: 4.0

I bought for the winter and drove all winter. There was not too much snow, but it happened, and I got a lot of snow in the countryside - I ran into quite deep snow and I went without a problem - they really managed well. On wet I have the impression that they slip a little, but through puddles with a lot of speed I passed evenly and discharging the water well. When they start wet they spin a bit but I do not know if it may be because I have a bit of a heavy leg and the car is over 200 HP and despite considerable weight it can be uneven. They drive well on dry conditions and even very well - they do not squeak on corners. The fact that maybe they are a bit loud but most of the winter games are loud. At the moment I would buy them again. Consumption - almost none after this season. I recommend it - especially for this price. more »

it's not Michelin or Pirelli, but value for money is positively surprising!
Opinion Iskandar RM Alsallamin: 4.2

I bought these tyres with the fear that I did not know anything about this company, and in the car of this class there is no room for compromise. However, sometimes it happens that you have to look a little cheaper. tyres on a wet surface slip a bit, but it does not surprise me because other winter tyres much more expensive tyres behaved similarly. However, on snow and on dry they are fantastic. I am not a professional driver but they like fast driving even in winter, and these tyres are enough. There are several months on the car and everything is in order. more »

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All season tyres: Fortuna

Popular models of all season tyres Fortuna

All models of Fortuna all season tyres

Recently added reviews

the tires are great
Opinion Zender: 5.0

The tires have super good grip and are very quiet, thanks more »

List of all Fortuna all season tyres