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x Reinforced tyres

Every tyre has a load index. This value is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher carriage than standard and can therefore easily meet the requirements of vehicles that bear heavier loads.

x Run Flat Tyres

Run Flat tyres allow you to keep driving after a pressure loss. It is possible to drive with a punctured tyre for around 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.


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225/45 R17 Tyres

Best rated tyres

We are introducing the best rated summer and winter tyres in size 225/45 R17 by our shop's users. See the best tyres in sizes 225/45 R17 according to drivers. We have the biggest database on tyres on the Internet.

  • Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2

    Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2

    111140 4.4

    £ 73 / piece

    Previously: £ 96 / pc.

    Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT 2 is an enhanced summer tyre, delivering a mighty performance, maximum traction and reassuring safety on differing road conditions. From our premium stable of tyres, this high-performance contender ...

  • Goodyear EfficientGrip

    Goodyear EfficientGrip

    111110 4.1

    £ 76 / piece

    Tyre details: The Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP not only offers outstanding performance and top-quality materials, but also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The engineers behind this model paid particular attention to the ...

  • Dębica Presto UHP 2

    Dębica Presto UHP 2

    111160 4.6

    £ 62 / piece

    Technical description of the product is not available yet.

  • Goodyear UG Performance G1

    Goodyear UG Performance G1

    111150 4.5

    £ 96 / piece

    Goodyear UG Performance G1 is an entirely new edition, made for mid-range to higher-class cars. This model is an enhanced version of its predecessor. First of all, it provides an even higher level of performance, particularly in ...

  • Michelin ALPIN 5

    Michelin ALPIN 5

    111160 4.6

    £ 101 / piece

    Tyre details: The Michelin Alpin 5 is the fifth generation of Michelin's famous Alpin winter tyre series. This model is the successor to the Michelin Alpin A4. The aim of this latest version of the "alpine" tyre is to offer ...

  • Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3

    Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3

    111140 4.4

    £ 89 / piece

    Tyre details: The Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3 is a winter tyre designed for mid-range and premium passenger cars. Thanks to its directional tread pattern, the model quickly disperses water, minimising the risk of aquaplaning and ...

Average tyre rating: 3.96 based on 2879 reviews

The most popular tyres in size 225/45 R17

Check what are the most popular summer and winter tyres in the size 225/45 R17. We are presenting the most frequently chosen summer and winter tyres among our customers. The most popular tyre models. 225/45 R17.

Tyre size

225/45 R17

Tyre size can be read on it's sidewall as a combination of digits.

225 - tyre's width.This is the firs value given inevery size in milimetres. Tyre's width in each size raises by 10 mms (e.g.. 175/65 R14, 185/65 R14, 205/55 R16, itd.) True width value is different and slightly different from the given value about couple of milimetres, and measured between the longest points on both: inner and outer sidewall; fitted on a propper wheel. The width is different with every manufacturer.

45 - tyre's profile - hight. This is the second value given; it means the hight of the tyre ( profile ). The value is calculated by percentage value taken from the width. Another words: percentage amount from the width is tyre's height ( profile ).225/45 R17 In this particular case the profile is 101,25mm The lower value the lower the tyre is ( 40, 45, 50 - so caled low-profile tyres ). In case of a full-profile tyre, its height is not given: e.g. 165R13 is a tyre which height is 80%.

R - means Radial tyre. In this design, the cord plies are arranged at 90 degrees to the direction of travel. The "R" in tyre of 225/45 R17 means that the tyre has a radial construction in which the cord piles radiate form the theoretical middle of the wheel. Radial tyres are definitelly the most popular kind among all sold.

17 - is a value given in inches ( " ) and specifying on what wheel the tyre is to be placed.


See the offer of summer, winter and all season tyres in the size 225/45 R17. We introduce tyres 225/45 R17 dedicated to different seasons.