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Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof

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From 88 £ pcs.

Nokian means safe driving and excellent performance in even the most difficult weather conditions. It was the company that launched the first ever winter tyre (Nokian Kelirengas) characterised by a thick-ribbed profile in 1934. Nokian winter tyres are famous all over the world due to their resistance to extremely low temperatures. Of course, they also produce a range of summer tyres and all-season tyres.

If you expect safety from your tyres and don't want to be limited by weather conditions, Nokian is the perfect solution for you. The company is renowned for its implementation and promotion of environmentally-friendly solutions so, if you care about the environment, Nokian is a great choice. Not only will you limit your consumption and emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, but you will also spend less on fuel.

Due to Finland's unique landscape and weather conditions, the company naturally conquered the market for specialised, industrial and forest tyres. The Nokian represents excellent durability and resistance to damage and wear. These are tyres you feel confident with, regardless of the surface type and condition, during everyday driving in the city and beyond.

Interesting facts:

Nokian has its own testing centre in Ivalo in Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. It is the northernmost centre for testing tyres under winter conditions.

It's no accident that Nokian sounds similar to the name of the famous Finnish company Nokia. Both brands initially belonged to one company, from which Nokian split to form an independent company.

Nokian's head office is located in the small Finnish town of Nokia on the Nokianvirta River.
These tyres are manufactured not only in Finland, but also in Russia. The factory in St. Petersburg is one of the world's most modern tyre-producing factories.

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Our customers' opinions on Nokian Tyres tyres:

  • IOAN 5.0

    Nokian Tyres WeatherProof

    i had all the premium brands on my cars,but never used the Nokian tyres before so i had to make journey from UK to Romania for winter holiday as on Europe the winter tyres are mandatory my friends advice me to buy the NOKIAN SNOWPROOF brand. I can say that i drove on dry,wet and snow proper snow,the grip on this tires are excellent you can feel difference from the moment you replace them and they are not noise at all even on high speed on the motorway compare with other winter tires. 5 stars to NOKIAN SNOWPROOF,TOTALLY RECOMANDE!!!! I will certainly try the Summer ones as well! See more >
  • Macx 4.9

    Nokian Tyres WR A4

    I've driven on snow and ice for decades in many countries around the world. This is my second set of Nokian A4's on this car, one of a few cars I own. These are the best winter and all-round tyres I have used, they stay on the car all year. Grippy, quite, durable and wet performance summer or winter is great. The last set giving over 38,000 miles with some very spirited driving at times. Fortunately I'm a professional driver, I have the opportunity and environment to test correctly. Highly recommend these, will be buying another set after the next 38k plus miles . See more >
  • M.Butler 4.5

    Nokian Tyres WR D4

    I've found these tyres to be good all yr round, as long as your driving style is not too sporty, as that would surely alter the amount of wear. I've found them to give good grip on wet and icey roads'I have pushed on certain occasions, going into tight bends too fast, but they still didn't let go, so very pleased overall, and would certainly probably buy them again. See more >
  • Piotrek 3.5

    Nokian Tyres iLine

    On a dry surface holds the road well, is much quieter than my previous tires. In the wet I have mixed feelings, water, drain well, I had no cases of the formation of pillows under the wheel when moving into deeper pools, but if it is not warmed able to box on the damp tarmac - and in temperatures of 14-22 degrees which is quite strange for me and on previous sets (including barumach similar price), such a situation never observed. See more >