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In our offer, we have 6 Firestone tyre models
priced from £45 to £175.

Firestone Car tyres

Firestone Multihawk 2

66 reviews

From 45 £ pc.
Firestone Roadhawk

12 reviews

From 52 £ pc.
Firestone Multiseason 2

2 reviews

From 68 £ pc.
Firestone FHSZ90

88 reviews

From 86 £ pc.

Firestone Van tyres

What does the word “Firestone” make you think of? If you're visiting this site, you'll certainly say "tyres", and rightly so. Yet, these tyres aren't so ordinary; these are exceptionally refined products that, over the years, have been designed with security and reliability in mind. Firestone tyres inspire future generations of drivers on the roads and racetracks.

Did you know that Firestone has long been active in the field of motorsports? From its first years in the tyre sector, this brand has participated in the Indianapolis 500 race. To date, nothing has changed. It is worth noting that the racetrack is the best testing ground for tyres. Experience gained in the toughest races allows you to design and produce better tyres that ensure control of the car in different road conditions. Firestone tyres mean not only a high level of security, but also excellent value for money (the brand ranks in the middle market segment).

Firestone has a very wide range of products ranging from winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres, including for lorries and delivery vans, to specialised agricultural tyres. This brand's tyres are valued very highly by customers and rank highly in tests conducted by leading automobile clubs and automotive magazines.

Interesting facts:

Akron is an American city commonly referred to as the capital of the tyre industry. It is here that brands such as BFGoodrich, Goodyear and Firestone were created. Firestone was founded in 1900 and still remains one of the most popular brands in the world.

The brand's founder, Harvey Firestone, was a very respectable figure. His closest friends were Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. They were called the "Millionaires' Club" because they were friends, spent family holidays together and sometimes jointly multiplied their fortunes (Firestone was a tyre supplier for Ford for years).

Today, the Firestone brand belongs to the Japanese company Bridgestone.

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Our customers' opinions on Firestone tyres:

  • Roman Borowik 4.5

    Firestone Multihawk 2

    I have traveled over 140,000 kilometers on these tires, I traveled and I drive on asphalt roads. A bit too loud, but at a high speed of over 160 km / h, I do not complain about tread abrasion, because with this course it's natural. I highly recommend these tires. I did not notice any difference on the dry or wet road. I personally am very happy, I have been riding these tires from the beginning, of course on summer and winter. See more >
  • Hamilton 4.9

    Firestone FHSZ90

    I used tires for almost four years, they were the best tires that I had, and ordered them to me familiar oponiarz claiming that this model never returned under warranty. Holding on dry very good in the wet exemplary, the cloudburst on the German highway at speeds of 120-150km / h running as dry. Abrasion normal but with a strong engine after 35 thousand. km few of them have, unfortunately traction costs. The appearance of the tire at a high level, tread design catches the eye. See more >
  • Wojtek 4.1

    Firestone WINTERHAWK

    After 20 thousand. miles during the two seasons of winter, no problems. I came away from each drifts. For hard icy road at a reasonable speed never lost grip. The tires are 8 years so it's time for replacement. Despite this, they still have 2-3mm of tread and no cracks in the rubber caused by old age. The choice fell on the Sava Eskimo S3 + but if someone would give me Winterhawk'i the same price it brałbym immediately. Yours See more >
  • jurek ogórek 4.0

    Firestone WINTERHAWK

    Well go on dry asphalt, the wet very well in the snow (Szklarska Poreba) very well (unfortunately only two times I had the opportunity - so sorry we have winter). Fuel consumption much higher than for summer (or Firestone) - ok + 0.5 l/100 km, the noise - imperceptible difference - good price / quality. See more >