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Fortuna Tyres

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Fortuna is a Belgian tyre brand and their products are manufactured in the Far East. Thanks to this solution they combine good quality with a very fair price. Driving on Fortuna tyres means high levels of safety and comfort. This is due the cutting-edge methods of production and because of the use of the best rubber mixtures available. Fortuna tyres are available in dozens of countries around the world. In our rich offer please see Fortuna tyres intended for various types of cars and in all popular sizes.

Opinions of our clients about Fortuna tyres:

The opinions about Fortuna tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Meg 4.2 111150

    Fortuna F1000 155/70 R13

    Fortuna F1000 is a brilliant tyre. It's value for money is unbeatable. I like doing such purchases when I know I am not overpaying just for the brand. Furthermore the tyre is doing very well on both wet and dry conditions. This is a very good choice for people who like to push the pedal to the metal if you know what I mean ;) Besides that my car the tyre corners decently even at higher speeds. I can hear any squeaking or humming from the tyres inside the car. More >
  • Jim Reid 4.8 111150

    Fortuna F1400 215/65 R16

    Top class, they look good, they are well and the car behaves very well with these tires. I think you should remove that part of you the announcement as it does appear there is a problem with you when in fact there is not in case of violation of rules reviews tires, we we reserve the right to moderate or remove comments without notice. Very good service and good quality tire that I recommend to all Best Regards Jim More >
  • P 4.6 111150

    Fortuna F2000 195/65 R15

    Tires recommendable. I was afraid this purchase because the Chinese are the first that I bought but it is well. The only drawback is a little too loud they are. Louder than Michelin or Debice. However, I'm happy. Perfectly exercise in the wet, great pools do not make the impression on those tires, toy car goes like clockwork. More >
  • Garrul 4.2 111150

    Fortuna F2900 225/50 R17

    My vehicle riding a continental "eco tec 5", or something like an expensive wheel. With 10,000 km burst one of them, and I had to change the two, I was outside without spare wheel pq Zafira has not, and the only option was or fortune € 70 each mounted and such wheel or familiar faces brands € 160 up. So I took a chance because of the bad experience with expensive wheels. The result is a wheel that make some noise compared to others, but not excessive. Something hard in potholes. But an adequate grip in both dry and wet. The next will be others to follow the echo test. And that my driving is aggressive and I are hard bumpy which I dislike. I'm happy with them and recommend them More > for value for money, especially if you move slightly normal driving.