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Fortuna Tyres

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Fortuna is a Belgian tyre brand and their products are manufactured in the Far East. Thanks to this solution they combine good quality with a very fair price. Driving on Fortuna tyres means high levels of safety and comfort. This is due the cutting-edge methods of production and because of the use of the best rubber mixtures available. Fortuna tyres are available in dozens of countries around the world. In our rich offer please see Fortuna tyres intended for various types of cars and in all popular sizes.

Our customer's opinions:
  • Tomek_Warszawa 3.6 111500

    Fortuna F3000

    Tires look good, surprisingly good behave after quite a dynamic driving into a puddle, very well hold on the wet. Noise ok, better than I expected and better than the Chinese competition, from which I had to deal with. They have a protective rant on the rim. And now at least a big minus - is not completely round :). After assuming I have a slight beating around 50-60 km / h. I took off in a different site than assembling these tires, rims equality checked and it turns out that these tires are not quite perfect, though new and therefore delicate fight will not eliminate ... With this money, and so will such new than at a similar price 10 years with a 4-5 millimeter tread used a good brand. More >
  • Greg 4.0 11110

    Fortuna Winter

    I bought for the winter and drove all winter. There was not too much snow, but it happened, and I got a lot of snow in the countryside - I ran into quite deep snow and I went without a problem - they really managed well. On wet I have the impression that they slip a little, but through puddles with a lot of speed I passed evenly and discharging the water well. When they start wet they spin a bit but I do not know if it may be because I have a bit of a heavy leg and the car is over 200 HP and despite considerable weight it can be uneven. They drive well on dry conditions and even very well - they do not squeak on corners. The fact that maybe they are a bit loud but most of the winter games More > are loud. At the moment I would buy them again. Consumption - almost none after this season. I recommend it - especially for this price.
  • Taylor 3.9 111500

    Fortuna F2000

    Fortuna F2000 tyres are without question one of the best in this class. I used many different tyres before, for instance, Barum Bravuris and they are certainly not as good as Fortuna. If you ask me price vs quality is great. I have these tyres for the second season and I can honestly say they perform great on both dry and wet surfaces. I tested them also in bad conditions. I was travelling to my family last summer during a torrential downpour (almost a storm) and that's why I can say that short braking distance is one of the biggest advantage of Fortuna F2000 tyres. I consider buying them as a very good decision. There were also no problems with balancing. Generally speaking, I can More > recommend these tyres to everyone. I even chose Fortuna also for my winter tyres.
  • Garrul 4.2 111150

    Fortuna F2900

    My vehicle riding a continental "eco tec 5", or something like an expensive wheel. With 10,000 km burst one of them, and I had to change the two, I was outside without spare wheel pq Zafira has not, and the only option was or fortune € 70 each mounted and such wheel or familiar faces brands € 160 up. So I took a chance because of the bad experience with expensive wheels. The result is a wheel that make some noise compared to others, but not excessive. Something hard in potholes. But an adequate grip in both dry and wet. The next will be others to follow the echo test. And that my driving is aggressive and I are hard bumpy which I dislike. I'm happy with them and recommend them More > for value for money, especially if you move slightly normal driving.
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