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Sunny Tyres

Sunny Tyres

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A Chinese brand of economy class tyres, producing tyres for passenger cars (including SUVs) and light commercial vehicles. The Sunny brand was founded in 2002 by the Chinese company South China Tire & Rubber, ranked 45th in the ranking of the world's largest tyre manufacturers.

Key dates:
1988 – establishment of South China Tire & Rubber,
1990 – partnership with Firestone in the development of its own radial tyres,
2002 – creation of the Sunny brand, the second export product of SCTR,
2003 – first Sunny radial tyres for passenger cars, including minivans,
2004 – first models of Sunny winter tyres,
2007 – development of the first run-flat tyres in China,
2008 – first Sunny ultra-high performance tyres.

Interesting facts:

South China Tire & Rubber, owner of the Sunny brand, was the first modernised and marketable state-owned rubber company in China.

Wanli, a sister brand to Sunny, is the flagship product of South China Tire & Rubber.

Sunny tyres are developed in the laboratories of the Chinese enterprise whose partner is the South China University of Technology.

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