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Sunny Tyres

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Typical tyre size:
Sunny 205/60 R15

A Chinese brand of economy class tyres, producing tyres for passenger cars (including SUVs) and light commercial vehicles. The Sunny brand was founded in 2002 by the Chinese company South China Tire & Rubber, ranked 45th in the ranking of the world's largest tyre manufacturers.

Key dates:
1988 – establishment of South China Tire & Rubber,
1990 – partnership with Firestone in the development of its own radial tyres,
2002 – creation of the Sunny brand, the second export product of SCTR,
2003 – first Sunny radial tyres for passenger cars, including minivans,
2004 – first models of Sunny winter tyres,
2007 – development of the first run-flat tyres in China,
2008 – first Sunny ultra-high performance tyres.

Interesting facts:

South China Tire & Rubber, owner of the Sunny brand, was the first modernised and marketable state-owned rubber company in China.

Wanli, a sister brand to Sunny, is the flagship product of South China Tire & Rubber.

Sunny tyres are developed in the laboratories of the Chinese enterprise whose partner is the South China University of Technology.

Our customer's opinions:
  • Zielu 3.8 111500

    Sunny SN3970

    I bought these tyres month ago, the reason for lack of cash for good letterhead. Ordered with fear, as we all know about chinolach you do not have a good view, but ... Complete surprise, tyres really quiet, I've ridden on falkenach, hałasowały mercilessly! The corners hold very firmly, without fear, you can go crazy, they keep very well, looks like the tread sensational for this price. Driving away from the hoof generally minimal slippage, the tyre sticks well to the asphalt. The balancing there were no problems, the first pumping did not cause deformation during braking test :) strong rain just about At 100km / h the brake pedal to the floor, and surprisingly sharp braking if it was More > not raining, even abs are not handy. Perfectly thrown tread water, so running around in the corners As for attrition to have them long enough to speak. But for now, I think that for the money, the quality is sensational! I recommend
  • Marco83 4.3 111150

    Sunny SN3970

    I bought these tires with a bit of hesitation, as always when tires are at such low prices and unknown brands, not expecting anything in particular and instead I divuto think again! Besides the really catchy (a beautiful design, aggressive) are also very good tires, have really good traction on both dry and wet. From when I mounted I traveled about 6000km, not many, and so far have not given me any problems, we will see later. Overall I am very satisfied, I think prorpio that will take up when they want to change. Recommended! More >
  • Karol W. 3.5 111500

    Sunny SN600

    In my Nissan tire performs correctly. Despite the low prices fulfilled my expectations. More >
  • Orofar 4.1 111150

    Sunny SN3970

    I bought it because of the rather limited budget. It turned out that the tyre Sunny SN3970 is a very good price-performance ratio. Very good grip, especially during high temperatures, excel in tight corners. Rolling resistance and abrasion acceptable. The behavior of the snow gives 5 so as not to depress overall assessment, but it is known that the typical summer tyres (despite marking M + S). In summary I am very pleased with my purchase. More >
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