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Sava Tyres

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Looking for balanced performance at a reasonable price? Do you drive calmly and cover small distances? If so, Sava tyres are the solution for you.


This is a Slovenian brand of economy tyres specialising in tyres for passenger cars (including SUVs), as well as delivery vans and lorries. Thanks to the continuous expansion of its product line and adapting tyres to the needs of customers, Sava products have been popular for years among drivers around the world.


The enterprise was established in 1920, when entrepreneurs Franc and Peter Sumi, Alojz Pirc and Jozko Veber created the company Atlanta. After a series of transformations within the business, Sava emerged in 1946.


Sava is an affordable solution for those who want to feel safe on the road, regardless of weather conditions, but for whom the price of tyres is important. This brand confirms the theory that inexpensive tyres can still be of a good quality and meet the expectations of drivers with different needs.


Interesting facts:


The name Sava was taken from the river of the same name, which is the largest river after the Danube on the Balkan Peninsula and flows through Slovenia.


The Sava Group holding company currently includes more than 30 companies operating in various industries, including commerce, finance, medicine, energy (Ensa is engaged in the production of energy from renewable sources) and tourism (Sava Hotels Bled manages more than a dozen hotels in Slovenia).


For years, Sava has been one of the most recognisable brands in Slovenia, alongside the household appliances manufacturer Gorenje, skiing equipment manufacturer Elan and pharmaceutical giant Krka.

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History of the brand Sava

It was almost 90 years ago that the brothers Franc and Peter Sumi, together with Alojz Pirc and Jozko Veber, set up the Atlanta company, trading in rubber goods. Thus was born the predecessor of Sava, today a leading Central European manufacturer of tyres, which following a series of transformations is now part of the Goodyear group. The logo of Sava tyres In 1920, in Kranj, now one of the largest cities in Slovenia (then part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes), a meeting took place between four enterprising businessmen with an idea for a joint undertaking. The brothers Franc and Peter Sumi had previously earned a living through trading, as had Jozko Veber from nearby Zali Log, whereas Alojz Pirc was a qualified engineer. The founding quartet began their joint activity with the distribution of various kinds of rubber materials. A few months later they decided to remodel their business to focus on manufacturing. In 1921 Atlanta changed its name to Vulkan, and shortly afterwards began to produce rubber shoe soles, and in time other products as well, including toys, balls and raincoats. When Vulkan was ten years old, its bosses and founders decided to sell their baby to the Austrian firm Semperit. After that move a new chapter opened in the history of the Slovenian firm. It should be noted that this was just the start of a whole series ... Read more >

Our Customers Tyre Reviews:
  • Ruderro 4.6 111150

    Sava EFFECTA +

    tyres used for one season in classic, short runs, horse varies - sometimes check how it goes in the corner so as not to break the grip. In my opinion, gum highly recommended, even on gravel roads is firmly on the road and rally car is a lightweight emphasis on small surfaces. One route wawa-Krk and back - without reservation. Very good value for money product. More >
  • sava user 4.2 111150

    Sava INTENSA

    Cool tyre, bought without much conviction positive comments did not indicate the purchase of this tyre, definitely price resulted in the purchase. and the assumption of no very pleasant surprise, I live in deer up and mostly riding around the city, as well as several times a week I have to be in Karpacz and glass Poreba. has never been a hopeless situation, and drove everywhere safely rolled off. driving to Wroclaw (30 km a4) can easily go 170 km / h - no noise, rattling or other surprises, everything stable. Unfortunately, I do not know which tyre works on the boat, this is unlikely, although never on the ice did not drive :) and a glass on the way I think is more important than the More > quality of the tyre skills.
  • Krzysztof 4.5 111150


    tyres great when I put them comfort really improved and there was silence in the car and I was really in shock from falling into the wells is within this did not suffer and even a good grip .ogólnie good quality ride a zimowkach this company and after 5 seasons donuts look very good and This prompted me to buy their summer tires of the company. Regards More >
  • Jacek D. 4.6 111150


    After driving 5tys. km I have not noticed much tread wear. On the dry surface behave decently, without squeaks and scratching on the asphalt as it happens during the filming of the wheels in place. Wet I had not to fall into the no slippage, and lately the weather is very wet. Of course I do not recommend daring attempts. I am driving firmly but carefully. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase these tires - that is: comfort, price and service. I honestly recommend.... More >
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