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Accelera Tyres

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The economy class Accelera tyres are a product which is chosen by a large number of drivers. The Accelera brand originates from Indonesia where it is produced by the second largest tyre manufacturer on the island, the independent EP Tyres. Manufactory plants there are equipped with the best of European machinery and the brand's tyres are produced after consultations with the most competent tyre specialists from the Old World. Accelera tyres are known for their very good price and quality ratio. The selection of Accelera tyres comprises products intended for motor cars, light commercial vehicles, buses, and also off-road vehicles and SUVs. Please see our offer!

Opinions of our clients about Accelera tyres:

The opinions about Accelera tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Simon 4.3 111150

    Accelera PHI 245/35 R19

    Replaced all 4 tyres on my 530. 245/35/19 on front. 275/35/19 on rear. Slightly more tyre wall than the 39's BMW recommend but they fit no bother and offer a little more comfort. Tyres have performed perfectly in all weather conditions including on the UK's terrible new cheap style motorway resurfacing, that holds a scandalous amount of surface water. Would definitely recommend. More >
  • Chris Heskey 4.8 111150

    Accelera PHI R 205/45 R16

    I have run these tyres for 2 years on my Ibiza. They are durable,strong,quiet & very grippy. In the past I have been a brand snob & would go for Yokohama & Pirelli. These tyres are more than a match for my past preferences, at a fraction of the price too. They have taken some major bumps,with potholes,dead animals & others & still maintain their integrity. More >
  • Marcin 4.3 111150

    Accelera PHI 245/40 R19

    usually a set of tyres, regardless of the manufacturer, lasts me 2 seasons max, so I had a comparison with almost every brand I bought these tyres for the first time (2 years ago) with real fear - I have not been to Indonesia - my tyres have. What I got for a symbolic money was beyond my wildest expectations - these tyres are sensational I recommend PS: I have a 200 km/h limit - the car is from the States, so I can't really say about the behaviour above this speed, but under 200 the car drives with confidence. More >
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