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Accelera Tyres

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The economy class Accelera tyres are a product which is chosen by a large number of drivers. The Accelera brand originates from Indonesia where it is produced by the second largest tyre manufacturer on the island, the independent EP Tyres. Manufactory plants there are equipped with the best of European machinery and the brand's tyres are produced after consultations with the most competent tyre specialists from the Old World. Accelera tyres are known for their very good price and quality ratio. The selection of Accelera tyres comprises products intended for motor cars, light commercial vehicles, buses, and also off-road vehicles and SUVs. Please see our offer!

Our customer's opinions:
  • Krzysiek z Wrocławia 4.6 111150

    Accelera PHI

    This is the third set of summer in my aucie.Najpierw were factory dunlopy, later bridgestony. For those I did not see 4500 km.i major differences with those branded. Shortly after the founding of the first 50 km. squeaked slightly on the corners, then it's gone. There were no problems with balancing fit together very quickly on the wheels and nothing disturbing is happening. For dry quickly drove 180km / h on a wet 150km / h And I'll tell you a revelation. Very well disperse water during rainfall. They are slightly louder than the previous ones (maybe because I listen more now), but not really loud. If you ever have to buy will certainly acquire them. For the price you buy nothing More > better, and indeed I believe that paying horrendously much for branded tires a scam manufacturers. Regards
  • Sevo75 4.0 11110

    Accelera ALPHA

    Buying a novelty is always risky. I have bought Accelera ALPHA to fit onto my rear axis. They are very comfortable and silent. I did not fell anyhing alarming on wet and dry road surface. THe longer I was using them the more my trust the've gained. I was forced to buy cheaper tyres as I had no other option. I decided to buy Accelera ALPHA and I do not regret it. The most important thing for me is that now I am 100% sure that you do not have to spend huge amount of money to have a good tyre. Accelera ALPHA works more than OK. More >
  • Pawell 3.6 111500

    Accelera X-Grip Snow

    Hi. I must admit that I was a litte worried befor buying these Acceleras. I feared that because of their price the quality wouldn't be good enough and boy was I surprised! After having done about 6,000 miles last winter I can honestly say that their behaviour was superb! And that is both in and outside city. The only drawback of Accelera Snow would be the level of noise. It might be a bit high when traveling at speed but I don't think that it's too bad. Braking on wet surfaces isn't particular good either. I can recommend the Accelera Snow for people who are looking for cheap and decent tyres. More >
  • Martin911 4.2 111150

    Accelera PHI

    I bought these with the intention of drifting my 911. I use Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres on the front, which are very good, and the idea was to make the rear loose by using cheapo tyres. However, with these on the back the car is actually very well balanced. The tyres are wearing well and the grip is fine. I'm very pleasantly surprised that such good tyres can be bought at such a low price. I would certainly buy them again and I if you're an enthusiastic driver like me who wears out tyres relatively quickly, then don't worry about these being low quality because they're cheap, they are actually very good. More >
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