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x Reinforced tyres

Every tyre has a load index. This value is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher carriage than standard and can therefore easily meet the requirements of vehicles that bear heavier loads.

x Run Flat Tyres

Run Flat tyres allow you to keep driving after a pressure loss. It is possible to drive with a punctured tyre for around 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.


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Fulda Tyres

Tyres Fulda

Looking for tyres that combine optimum performance with a favourable price? Do you value driving safety and good performance, regardless of the weather? Fulda tyres are the solution for you.

This German brand specialises in the production of tyres for passenger cars, delivery vans and lorries. Fulda is one of the largest tyre companies in the world, belonging to the American company Goodyear. This gives it access to state-of-the-art production technologies, innovative materials and a developed distribution network.

With Fulda tyres, you will be able to travel comfortably around the city, and you won't be put off by long journeys and driving on different surfaces. The application of a special rubber compound and modern tread patterns allows you to reach your destination with no problems, regardless of the existing conditions.

Fulda also values durability, thanks to which you will overcome longer distances on one set of tyres. This brand of tyres is economical, not only because of their long life, but also because of their favourable purchase price. That means you can start driving for a long time, safely, and while saving money at the same time!

Interesting facts:

The company name comes from the German city Fulda, not far from Frankfurt, where the brand was founded.

’s first catalogue contained many rubber products, including shoe soles, mats for bottles of mineral water and beer, and rugs. As for tyres? Yes, but theses were initially only for horse carriages and baby buggies.

Fulda tyres have been associated with Maybach luxury cars on two occasions: In the 1930s, they were tested in collaboration with the Maybach brand, and in the 21st century the Carat Exelero model was assembled on the 700-hp Maybach (Exelero) prototype.

The company’s products are manufactured in 13 factories and annual sales for this brand reach approximately 10 million units.

Summer tyre ranking Fulda

Summer tyres ranking is a list of the highest rated tyres. It is based on our user's opinions. Till now we have over 90000 opinions. Below, you can see the best from this list.

Summer tyre Opinion 4.4 111140 (5 Reviews)
Summer tyre Opinion 4.4 111140 (1 Review)
Summer tyre Opinion 4.4 111140 (384 Reviews)
Summer tyre Opinion 4.2 111120 (158 Reviews)
Summer tyre Opinion 3.8 111800 (1539 Reviews)

Winter tyre ranking Fulda

Winter tyres ranking is a list of the highest rated tyres. It is based on our user's opinions. Till now we have over 90000 opinions. Below, you can see the best from this list.

Winter tyre Opinion 4.2 111120 (449 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.2 111120 (1 Review)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.1 111110 (92 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 3.5 111500 (865 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 3.4 111400 (971 Reviews)


The newest Fulda tyres in OPONEO.CO.UK. New Fulda models with newest technological solutions.

  • Fulda 4x4 Road
    Fulda 4x4 Road

    Fulda 4x4 Road - The modern 4x4 tyre for extra grip The Fulda 4x4 Road is a low noise tyre ...

  • Fulda SportControl 2
    Fulda SportControl 2

    Information on the tyre: Enjoy sporty driving with the lightweight Fulda SportControl 2 ...


Best sellers are the most popular Fulda tyres among the users, which are of the best quality, mileage and price.


    Information on the tyre: Fulda ECOCONTROL HP is a tyre manufactured by a well-known German ...

  • Fulda SportControl 2
    Fulda SportControl 2

    Information on the tyre: Enjoy sporty driving with the lightweight Fulda SportControl 2 ...

History of the brand

Fulda is a pearl of Baroque architecture in central Germany and it is here, not far from Frankfurt, that Fulda tyres has its earliest roots. At the start of the 20th century, Gust Becker and Moritz Hasenclever started a business that, several years later, would become a leading player in Germany’s rubber market, as well as its neighbouring countries. The Early Years Production began in 1901 and the first catalogue contained a wide assortment of everyday rubber products, including shoe soles, bottle washers and floor mats. In fact, Fulda’s first tyres were designed for children’s prams and horse-drawn carriages. The logo of Fulda tyres In the following years, the company gradually moved closer to its main destiny: the production of car tyres. Fulda quickly began producing both bicycle and motorcycle tyres before releasing its first automobile tyre in 1906.  By the start of the next decade - the 1910’s - its range of bike tyre models, called Diadem, Transport and Gebirgsreifen (for mountain bikes) proved to be a strong commercial success. The firm supplied its customers with ten different types of tyre treads and a one-year guarantee on all its products. A licence for Continental In 1915, Fulda launched its first range of tyres for goods vehicles. The Sembusto model had steel springs, which were a substitute for the elasticity of ... more

Recently added reviews

Summer tyres Fulda

Tyre Summer Fulda SportControl

Very good tires!
Opinion: 4.3 111130

When I've decided to go for those tyres I have changed them from Dunlop SP Sport Maxx, which I rate really high. I was sceptic before I've purchased Fulda SportControl tyres. I took a risk and I'm really satisfied with them. As the size 225/40R18 is quite big they are pretty quiet, they stick to the ground perfectly and there is no "floating" feeling in high speeds. Even during fast cornering I've never had any unpleasant surprises such as slipping or understeering. I'm also very satisfied wiyh the behaviour on wet surface, the handling is great and the3 braking distance is also very short. Those tyres also have a big flange protector, which means a lot in low profile tyres especially because I have expensive alloys. To conclude- personally I will reocommend those tyres to my friends and I'll most probably purchase them again. I cannot exactly tell what is the difference between premium brand and Fulda which is medium class, because performance is the same.

Tyre Summer Fulda SportControl

I really recommend !!!!
Opinion: 4.4 111140

I've had Yokohama previously in this size and comparing to Fulda SportControl , the Fulda SportControl tyre is way better. Despite the fact tha i"ve only made few thousand miles on them so far I'm satisfied. After making about 100 miles they aadjusted to my tracking and the ground and the grip is perfect. I cannot rate wet grip because I didn;t have a chance to use them in the rain. Those tyres are quiet and good, also they are good in suppressing uneven ground. Also OPONEO is a great shop . I've purchased Fulda SportControl after getting the recommendation from the consultant.Prompt delivery and those tyres are fresh, because the DOT is from the beginning of 2016. Good proce for great quality!!

Winter tyres Fulda

opona Winter Fulda KRISTALL MONTERO 3

Robust, but fair
Opinion: 3.8 111800

I ride on Fulda Kristall Montero 3 first winter. The choice was not due to a good value for money. Previously ridden tyres for five years were Goodyearach Ultragrip 7 +, so I can judge by comparison. Fulda is a little bit worse at driving in the snow, but only relative. Starting from a place of acceleration of the car - the wheels have a slightly greater tendency to break traction, while doing better in the corners (it seems to me that is a little sharper edge from Goodyears). For wet and dry tyres behave similarly, with the impression that it is more durable than Fulda. Goodyears were more comfortable in resp. volume, but the difference is not large. Inhibition probably is a bit better in Goodyear. I would recommend Fulda Kristall Montero 3 to drivers with moderate driving style. A significant savings when buying, compared to the more well-known brands, and Fulda Kristall Montero really slow wears.

opona Winter Fulda KRISTALL MONTERO 3

A pleasant surprise
Opinion: 4.3 111130

Translation This review has been automatically translated from another language and is awaiting verification by a professional translator.

Tires really nice surprised me. So far the winter season sourced Continental'e and Kleber'y, but I must admit that FULDA Kristall Motero3 are quieter and give the impression of a more stable car. I have a front-wheel drive, and during adverse weather conditions (snowy and icy surface) I had the feeling that my car holds the road well. I recommend heartily.

Average tyre rating: 3.84 based on 6334 reviews

Tyres models Fulda

All Fulda models available in our offer. You can choose a specific Fulda model among summer, winter or all-season tyres.

Summer tyres

Check the offer for Fulda summer tyres. Summer tyres can be used from Spring to Autumn. Pick the best Fulda summer tyre for you.

Winter tyres

Check the offer for Fulda winter tyres. Winter tyres should be used when the temperature drops below 7°C. Pick the best Fulda winter tyre for you.

All season tyres

Check the offer for Fulda all-season tyres. All-season tyres are a compromise between summer and winter tyres. Pick the best Fulda all-season tyre for you.


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