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Fulda Tyres

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Looking for tyres that combine optimum performance with a favourable price? Do you value driving safety and good performance, regardless of the weather? Fulda tyres are the solution for you.

This German brand specialises in the production of tyres for passenger cars, delivery vans and lorries, including summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Fulda is one of the largest tyre companies in the world, belonging to the American company Goodyear. This gives it access to state-of-the-art production technologies, innovative materials and a developed distribution network.

With Fulda tyres, you will be able to travel comfortably around the city, and you won't be put off by long journeys and driving on different surfaces. The application of a special rubber compound and modern tread patterns allows you to reach your destination with no problems, regardless of the existing conditions.

Fulda also values durability, thanks to which you will overcome longer distances on one set of tyres. This brand of tyres is economical, not only because of their long life, but also because of their favourable purchase price. That means you can start driving for a long time, safely, and while saving money at the same time!

Interesting facts:

The company name comes from the German city Fulda, not far from Frankfurt, where the brand was founded.

Fulda’s first catalogue contained many rubber products, including shoe soles, mats for bottles of mineral water and beer, and rugs. As for tyres? Yes, but theses were initially only for horse carriages and baby buggies.

Fulda tyres have been associated with Maybach luxury cars on two occasions: In the 1930s, they were tested in collaboration with the Maybach brand, and in the 21st century the Carat Exelero model was assembled on the 700-hp Maybach (Exelero) prototype.

The company’s products are manufactured in 13 factories and annual sales for this brand reach approximately 10 million units.

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History of the brand Fulda

Fulda is a pearl of Baroque architecture in central Germany and it is here, not far from Frankfurt, that Fulda tyres has its earliest roots. At the start of the 20th century, Gust Becker and Moritz Hasenclever started a business that, several years later, would become a leading player in Germany’s rubber market, as well as its neighbouring countries. The Early Years Production began in 1901 and the first catalogue contained a wide assortment of everyday rubber products, including shoe soles, bottle washers and floor mats. In fact, Fulda’s first tyres were designed for children’s prams and horse-drawn carriages. The logo of Fulda tyres In the following years, the company gradually moved closer to its main destiny: the production of car tyres. Fulda quickly began producing both bicycle and motorcycle tyres before releasing its first automobile tyre in 1906.  By the start of the next decade - the 1910’s - its range of bike tyre models, called Diadem, Transport and Gebirgsreifen (for mountain bikes) proved to be a strong commercial success. The firm supplied its customers with ten different types of tyre treads and a one-year guarantee on all its products. A licence for Continental In 1915, Fulda launched its first range of tyres for goods vehicles. The Sembusto model had steel springs, which were a substitute for the elasticity of ... Read more >

Our customer's opinions:
  • fiszrek 4.2 111150

    Fulda Carat Progresso

    The tyre has a very good grip, I do not have ABS option box, and with the ekspresówce emergency braking from 140 to 0 (the left lane of traffic was off) but for the moment have lost traction (tyres screeching) of hair stopped in front of the characters. I know this thanks to the tyres as in previous press to brake harder associated with locking wheels and squeal. With these tyres, you can feel confident both on dry and wet roads. Turns beats like clockwork. Regarding the volume is not part of it too quiet though improved tyre after driving 30000 km and are a little quieter than at the beginning. Overall I'm happy with them, their quality of workmanship that is purchased at one time and More > the inflated winter tyres are visible wrinkles on the sides of the tyres there is no równiutka.
  • wax 4.2 111150


    Initially, they were really cool quiet donuts. Unfortunately, after traveling several thousand miles away, have become louder, but it is still ok. Maybe a problem with the rear suspension geometry that destroys them gently (wyząbkowanie back). Behaviour dry very good. One wool-gathering, for sharp entering a bend and I was convinced that we performed. Maintained donuts! Really big surprise. On wet, luckily it was not an emergency situation, but holding fast corners and I include pool credit balance on the 5th No suspicious behavior strange, because I do not wieżyłęm in such things, but fuel consumption has dropped approx. 0.3-0,5l / 100km. Generally hundereds hit purchase. :-) I think I More > only wear a little faster than what I had. And they were also Fulda. Cheers
  • Zweimall 3.6 111500


    1 punciakiem ridden on these tyres and my impression is. Great to dry. It's fair to revel, good lateral and hamowanie.Wolno August consume. The biggest downside is the behavior in the wet, or rather the lack of its behavior. You can leisurely ride in the wet but without the madness, strong braking may lose. Even driving on the outskirts of 50km / h fast braking before the moderator was causing loss of adhesion. The same is true with stronger start with the lights on a wet road and donuts could not catch a grip. For normal behave properly. And perhaps it was due to the fact the punciak 1 was fairly light car. I recommend these donuts if someone wants to revel in the dry road. If for More > someone it is important to keep the wet advise against these tires.
  • Janusz Mihal 5.0 11111

    Fulda EcoControl

    Tyres which at last I am happy and I feel confident while driving, stopping and starting. Przejeździłem on two tires Fulda EcoControl spring-summer season in 2014., In 2015. I bought two more and I have these tires on all wheels. Wear and tear is not seen. I noticed during periodic reviews that improve vehicle depreciation, regardless of the state of shock. Compared to the popular tires in Poland, which had before Fulda tires, and whose name I will not mention because I do not want them to do antyreklamy - Fulda give a sense of security and comfort. It is after all for the driver and passengers the most important. Affordable tires that meet the needs of the average driver with a very More > affluent portfolio gives preference to the normal style of driving.
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