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Dunlop Tyres

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Dunlop tyres are in the premium market segment and many drivers have long associated the brand with its involvement in motorsports. The company has years of experience gained under the toughest conditions, such as at those encountered at racetracks. Dunlop-brand tyres are characterised by their very high performance and they make use of state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs, ensuring you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

These tyres have sports in their DNA, and it should therefore come as no surprise that Mercedes-AMG has chosen the company as its official partner for technology applied in motorsports. Other premium brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault and Jaguar also choose Dunlop to improve the performance of their luxury vehicles. The capabilitires of Dunlop tyres are regularly appreciated and praised in tests carried out by leading motoring organisations.

Dunlop tyres will appeal to drivers who like to drive dynamically and expect something more than just reliability from their tyres. If you like to feel the thrill of driving a sports car, and driving is your passion, then the tyres Dunlop has to offer are certainly for you.

Interesting facts:

The company's beginnings date back to John Boyd Dunlop, who was the first to patent the pneumatic tyre, a tyre filled with air for improved comfort. Initially, the tyres were used for bicycles.

In the early 1960s, Dunlop engineers discovered aquaplaning, which enabled the development of tyres that drain water away quickly, significantly improving safety on wet surfaces.

Another of Dunlop's exceptional achievements is 3S technology, which allows the development of tyres that are safe, comfortable and resistant to wear, all at the same time. This solution led to a new standard in the production of tyres.

Dunlop developed one of the first tyres that enabled continued driving after a puncture — this was the Denovo model, equipped with a DSST system, introduced in the 1970s.

When it comes to motorsports, the company can be proud of it’s long series of successes in the gruelling 24 Hours of Le Mans race, as well as 8 championship titles and 82 wins in the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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History of the brand Dunlop

The logo of Dunlop tyres    From a bicycle to the empire The story of how Dunlop became inspired to begin producing tyres sounds today like a legend, comparable to that of Archimedes and his “Eureka” moment. In 1888 the Irishman was observing his son outside the house riding his tricycle on bumpy cobblestones. The tricycle had hard rubber tyres, which made it difficult for the boy to gain speed, and also made the ride uncomfortable. Dunlop decided to help him by gluing a thin layer of rubber around the wheels, and then inflating it using a football pump. The “valve” was the top of a baby’s feeding bottle! From this innocent game there emerged one of the most important inventions in the car history. John B. Dunlop had created the basis for the first pneumatic tyre. Just a year later this Belfast vet’s invention was put to use on a traditional bicycle. A little-known cyclist used the bike to secure a series of decisive race victories. The secret of his success? Pneumatic tyres. Naturally Dunlop soon patented his work (31 October 1888), and in 1889, together with several Dublin businessmen, he set up the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company. A year later in Dublin he opened his first tyre factory, from which bicycle tyres were being sold after just a few months to Australia, and by Christmas 1890 to the United States. The firm expanded ... Read more >

Our customer's opinions:
  • Michael JRG. 3.8 111500

    Dunlop SP Sport 01

    Dunlop SP Sport 01 are not that expensive if you take their performance under consideration. I was thinking about going for SP9000 but I finally decided to go for Dunlop SP Sport 01 and I do not regrett it. Thanks to the mid part of the tread you can almost forget about the torque steer in your powerfull FWD (my car has 230bhp). On dry tarmac they are very good, but while cornering aggresively the outter part of the tyre rubbs of pretty quickly. Any other part of the tread is quite resistance to the attriction. Dunlop SP Sport 01 are the most silent tyres that I ever had in my life. The image is not that awesome, but for me the look of the tyre is not the most crucial thing. Dunlop SP Sport More > 01 is intended to improve car control and safety. I have W index, but I had no opportunity to drive more than 130 MPH. I do recommend them for sure.
  • Greg 4.2 111150

    Dunlop SP Sport 01

    I got those Dunlop SP Sport 01 with my new car. They seemed to be new (they still had those coloured stripes on the tread surface). About 7-8 mm of the tread left. RIght now I have made about 20k miles on them. I still have about 4mm tread left. I drive dynamically and it doesn't natter if it is in the city or outside of it. I do fast cornering, I like to move-off dynamically as well. On dry road surface Dunlop SP Sport 01 behaves very well. I have no restrictions in regards to it's dry road performance. On wet road surface their grip is still ok, the problem starts with moving-off on wet road surface. In addition I have quite a few horses in my Vectra so I like to show those youngsters on More > the traffic lights how a Vauxhall can perform. All in all Dunlop SP Sport 01 is a decent tyre and I do recommend them for sure.
  • Michael 4.2 111150

    Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D

    I purchased the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D tyres manufactured in Germany. The wheel balancing and alignment went very smoothly. The size I bought is 195/65 R15) which seems to be a bit small when compared to summer tyres of Kumho manufacturer that I had previously mounted on my vehicle. Tyres are doing very well in different weather conditions. In my second car I had an older version (3D model) of the same size. In 4D they improved many things like tread pattern, rubber compound, wet grip, fuel economy and noise level. The Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D provides low rolling resistance which is typical of this class of tyres. It is a bit difficult for me to rate their noise level because my car More > has a diesel engine and it is too loud outside. I do recommend both 3D and 4D model of Dunlop SP Winter Sport tyres!
  • Nidhogg 4.7 111150

    Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT MFS

    I have them on two cars - 2x clatter (185km + 150HP + 400Nm and 350Nm) and ... much better traction (dry, wet difference even larger) than the factory Conti Sport foobar. Although of course not deceive ourselves that with such torque on wet asphalt does not have any problems with traction in acute adding gas to the lower gears, but it is known that there are no miracles. In the middle is really quiet, which is a big plus for me. Durability? In the case of the unknown - in a car in May 30000, the second 15000 and I think that even "a little" pojeżdżą. Do not really know what is "failure", but because it was not any problems with them, I select "No" Is it worth More > it to buy? In my opinion, yes. How do you run out, you probably buy them, or successor ...
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