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Triangle Tyres

Triangle Tyres

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33-year history of the Triangle brand is filled with constant striving for shaping better production processes that provide tyres for even better performance and quality. Triangle tyres fulfil global requirements of the clients and increasingly compete with world famous tyre companies. Every year in the market appears more than 10 million Triangle tyres. In our shop you will find the offer of Triangle tyres which are already available in 130 market worldwide. Are you looking for high performance tyre at an attractive price? Triangle tyres is what you need.

Opinions of our clients about Triangle tyres:

The opinions about Triangle tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • chivers 4.9

    Triangle TR918 205/60 R16

    I live in dublin, asphalt road with a strange, very sharp, clear rain here 333 days a year, briefly and sensational temat- tire for a good price-to wet August holds great road-dry-snow even better too With more well- no to ice it is known fact that no tire does not work, but it will give notice also ride on the road oblodzonej.baa-up work on the ground in the mud. strange asphalt (I live on the deep province) means the cast is sharp and dry, only cars and cure him of such surfaces can be done at most 30 thousand. miles, I 25 I exchanged for the same (tread jeszczze was-but I care about the safety of travel) generated by some strange tire others doing max-12 thousand, on the More > company's expensive, or not more like 25, not to mention about nadlewanych record .... u buddy is 3 Thousands, these are my 2 tires for this car and ordered the same for my kobitki, for Rover, do not be afraid of Chinese tire shop, really worth it, moreover, as you buy it you will see, of course, you have to track pressure and balance. and besides also looks nicely, greetings from dublin green.
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