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In our offer, we have 8 Matador tyre models
priced from £62 to £163.

Matador Car tyres

Matador MP 47 Hectorra 3

2 reviews

From 62 £ pc.
Matador Hectorra 5
No image
From 63 £ pc.

Matador 4x4 tyres

Matador MP 82 CONQUERRA 2

2 reviews

From 115 £ pc.
Matador MP72 Izzarda A/T 2

1 review

From 115 £ pc.
Matador MP85

5 reviews

From 119 £ pc.

Matador Van tyres

Matador is a tyre brand from Slovakia. The brand's products enjoy great recognition among drivers and they earned a very strong position in the market. Matador tyres are used in many cars in Poland. Drivers value the brand's tyres' perfect performance and their fair price. It is worth noticing that Matador tyres are often chosen by renowned car producers as the basic amenities of these cars. In our rich offer please see Matador tyres intended for various types of cars. We have everything for everyone.

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Our customers' opinions on Matador tyres:

  • Slawko 4.0

    Matador MP52 Nordicca Basic

    My opinion: which surprised me, do not differ at all from those better. Inhibition of holding the rail as I'm happy. I had to choose, Barum, Dębice; Save and Matador-each with friends kapciarzy instructed Matadora.Po first teething not like Barum and is good for snow, wet and snow mrozie.Na a little worse than the native Debica but knowing our winters are snow will less than mud so perfect for the money See more >
  • radost 4.3

    Matador MP46

    Tires really great. For that kind of money probably will not find anything better. Very safe handling, durability and silence with which the roll make me 100% happy with the choice. I would add that the tires went through the tunnel in my car full of three summer seasons. And as I look at it calmly even 2-3 run over. See more >
  • Krzysztof Mieszkowski 4.5

    Matador MP52 Nordicca Basic

    So far I've used winter tires Debica Frigo, and generally I was pleased with them. For Matadory decided in principle by accident, but I do not regret zakupu.C of truth, this year's winter was not an opportunity for their thorough check, but the behavior of the tires on the road and ride comfort encourage the purchase Matadors. See more >
  • janusz 4.8

    Matador MP52 Nordicca Basic

    I drove on the tire all season, is very good, holds the road well for both the snow and ice as well as on dry, has a thick and interesting tread, attrition unnoticeable, I can say that buying these tires hit the jackpot because they really excel sensational and I can recommend it to anyone who needs a good tire for the winter. See more >