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Laufenn tyres answer the needs of the modern driver who appreciates both safety and innovation of selected products. The brand belongs to Hankook Tire, a corporation from South Korea, which delivers its products to more than 180 countries worldwide. The company offers all-season tyres and tyres designed for the winter and summer seasons. Laufenn also provides tyre models adapted for various types of vehicles and customer requirements. Drivers may choose products from the range of tyres for conventional passenger cars, sports cars with more powerful engines, SUVs and vans. Laufenn tyres answer the needs of many drivers who search for excellent everyday performance at competitive prices. The company applies modern solutions in the production and distribution of its tyres, which are subject to rigorous performance tests. All this efforts provide the user with high safety and comfort. Their great performance and fashionable minimalist design allow users to fit Laufenn tyres to any car model.

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Our customers' opinions on Laufenn tyres:

  • TigerP 4.4

    Laufenn S Fit EQ

    Quiet, durable, very good suppress unevenness, very good behavior in wet conditions, in previous cars I had branded michelin and continental, and for me laufenn does not differ from them in terms of performance, and in one of the very important parameters beats them - THE PRICE !! ! I would highly recommend! See more >
  • Kris K 5.0

    Laufenn I Fit

    Very good tyres at a reasonable price. They do their job very well in the winter, although themain think in the winter driving game is common sense, the second is certainly the tyres, and laufen stood up to the task. I have two cars on these tires, which proves that they are really good and you can trust them, and the nicely presented and V shape tread is also a plus. See more >
  • Przemo 4.0

    Laufenn G Fit EQ

    I can not write about the tires do not know what I've done for them, 200km but first impressions great, tires faint before I had the Fulda and were much louder, just I happened to go in the wall of rain and I consider with the wet behave cool, dry without allegations . We'll see what will be the bigger course but for now surpassed my expectations See more >
  • Marek B..... 4.2

    Laufenn S Fit EQ

    I had the opportunity to ride these tires on different surfaces, at different speeds, I did not notice any problems. I must add that tires behave very well when driving on curbs. I recommend it worth it! Before, I had tires "Very Branded" and unfortunately I do not have such a good opinion. See more >