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Uniroyal Tyres

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Uniroyal is a manufacturer of medium-class tyres that combine excellent quality and competitive price. They are the solution for drivers who appreciate a safe and comfort drive on all types of roads.


The Uniroyal brand has been known since 1969, mainly for their tyres which are designed for wet conditions. An umbrella, the brand symbol marked on their tyres, is a guarantee of safety, which is a priority for the company. A unique and modern tread pattern is responsible for the quick evacuation of water, making the driving a comfortable experience. It also improves the grip, which is reliable even in the pouring rain.

Cutting-edge technology

From the very beginning the company has been investing in new technologies and listening to the needs of drivers. Taking care of their safety and aiming at a high comfort of driving, Uniroyal constantly improves its products. Focusing on safety on wet roads, the company applies technologies inspired by nature. Of course, we are referring to Shark Skin Technology (SST). Using biometric methods, our designers managed to recreate the ability of shark skin to dissipate water. This is another feature that gives drivers an even greater sense of security when driving on wet roads.

Good value for money

In addition to the high quality and great performance of the tyres, Uniroyal focuses strongly on the cost efficiency of their products. Not only is the price advantageous, but the optimised tread wear, makes the tyres more durable and users may enjoy their amazing properties for longer. In addition, Uniroyal also took care of fuel cost savings. Low rolling resistance and a balanced distribution of pressure provide savings on fuel consumption.

Istinctive and modern design

For a long time, Uniroyal tyres have been recognised for their distinctive and attractive design. Each element of the tyre is carefully designed. This is something which is appreciated by experts and has been confirmed by winning many awards, including the Red Dot Award for Product Design and iF Design Award 2014.

Since 1979 the company has belonged to the Continental Group, who provide access to the latest technologies and innovative materials. Continental is currently the third brand in the world in terms of value. They are continuously extending their offer, adapting it to the needs of wide groups of customers, which makes Uniroyal a popular and trusted brand around the world.

Interesting facts:

Uniroyal was initially involved in the production of rubber products for mining and tyres for horse carriages.

Uniroyal tyres carry the umbrella symbol which certifies good performance on wet roads.

The first Uniroyal factory was opened in 1877 in Liege and at that time it was jokingly referred to as a 'harem', since the majority of its employees were women.

The winning streak of the company was initiated by victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A car equipped with Uniroyal tires completed the race without changing the tires.

The company is famous for its high-class rain tyres, with their effectiveness confirmed by many independent tests.

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History of the brand Uniroyal

Today, Uniroyal tyres are well known by many drivers, especially for their rain tyres. If you’ve ever wondered how this company came to be, as well as who owns Uniroyal today, read on to learn the history behind this firm. The logo for Uniroyal Tyres. It all started with a veteran Belgian artillery, Oscar Englebert officer who, in 1868, opened a shop selling various rubber goods on the Place aux Chevaux in Liège. The idea was ahead of its time, with slow business at first. Englebert made ends meet by branching into paper goods but, within a few years, the soaring demand for rubber products brought a wealth of success for the store. Naturally, Englebert decided to take advantage of this situation. He brought additional help into his business in the form of his brother, Gabriel, a qualified engineer. While Oscar looked after the marketing and organisation of the business, Oscar was entrusted with all the technical matters. Uniroyal’s humble beginnings Unfortunately, Gabriel died shortly afterwards and his duties were taken over by Oscar’s son, Oscar Englebert Junior, who was still an inexperienced student at the time. Oscar Junior had to prepare himself to take over the management of the firm from his father, whose health had rapidly begun to decline. In 1877, the family firm opened its first rubber factoring. This ... Read more >

Our customer's opinions:
  • Leszek 5.0 11111

    Uniroyal Rainsport 3

    Very low price in relation to the superior performance. I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised at the quality. More >
  • Joseph 4.4 111150

    Uniroyal MS Plus 66

    It will probably be the fourth winter I use Uniroyal MS Plus 66, and I surprisingly still have full 6 mm of tread! These are great tyres, they do an excellent job both in extreme mountain conditions - driveways, parking lots covered with ice, drifts, fresh snow - as well as in the city. In the city it can be confirmed by the fact, that I can park my car anywhere, even with the front axle (my car is a front wheel drive) in a deep snow drift, and I will always get out of it without any problems. They disperse water nicely, therefore they fulfill their duties in autumn and early spring. I would like to add that once abroad, I managed to get on a narrow snow-covered bridge, where once was a More > parking lot and it was the closest to the nearest skiing lift. After crossing the bridge, the car with some trouble but firmly went uphill without stopping through fresh snow with slippery old ice underneath - you know what I mean, the most treacherous and slippery type. I was driving and I was surprised that there were no tyre marks. Eventually, I arrived to my destination. In the place where the parking lot was once, now it was only a rent-a-ski shop and service. In front of it there was a Subaru Impreza, which is known obviously for its 4WD drive and its good traction. The guy form the service got out very surprised that I managed to get up there, as he was checking the snow, talking something about his car and checking my Uniroyal MS Plus 66 tyres. And I did that without using chains. I only had these tyres fitted, and it happened during my third winter of using them! Uniroyal MS Plus 66 are great tyres for decent price. I can recommend them with a clear conscience.
  • yukon 3.6 111500

    Uniroyal MS Plus 77

    Tyres like tyres, very difficult to subjectively assess. Everyone hears what he wants to hear, and only the owner can assess the tyres according to his own criteria - after all, everyone drives differently. I prefer rather smooth and fast driving style. With such use of the Uniroyal MS Plus 77 tyre car performed very well. Of course, the width of the tyre affects the behavior on a very slippery surface, but you can also instruct the snow and mud. The appearance of the tyre is very professional, but does not affect its behavior on the road, so Im skipping this description. The tyre is dedicated to the wet road conditions, and in fact the rain is doing well and is not overly prone to More > aquaplaning. Overall I would recommend the tyre, it is difficult to find such a versatile winter tyre at the right price and the right size.
  • Michał 4.2 111150

    Uniroyal MS Plus 77

    I have an old car and buying tyres for it I was really difficult. I was interested only with a budget brands. However, when I saw the results of the MS77 Plus tyres in tests and its price - not much higher than the budget class, I decided to buy Uniroyals. I do not regret the choice! The tyres are excellent on the wet road, I did not have much opportunity to test in the snow, but I noticed that it is very fine. I have a direct comparison to the summer Savy and Uniroyal tyres and is practically in each category much better, even when it comes to grip on the dry road, where kind of summer should be better. Massive combustion difference - 0.5l at 100km less than Savy. Due to the fact that the More > car does not have ABS and it is very light clearly I see every defect of the tyres they practically do not have any.
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