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Semperit Tyres

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Semperit tyres have been appreciated in professional tyre tests of such organizations as ADAC. Semperit is a brand owned by worldwide known German concern Continental. We recommend that special attention should be paid to the Semperit winter tyres as they are bringing international fameto the brand. First Semperit winter tyres were produced in 1936 what indicates huge experience of the brand in production of the car equipment. In our shop, there is a wide range offer of the Austrian company Semperit.

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Opinions of our clients about Semperit tyres:

The opinions about Semperit tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • szpener 4.3 111150

    Semperit SPEED - GRIP 205/60 R16

    When buying a car was fitted Semperity. What can I say, the state of the tyres was not in the best condition, pretty much worn out, I was going to replace them because the design did not think that they can be fit to ride. However, I was shocked, of course, positive, and in this condition tyres are so incredibly'' stick'' to the road. Braking, driving on curves at fairly fast speeds, moving - just something beautiful. Snow, ice, slush, it's not a problem for these tyres. What drove the car on these tyres, a Peugeot 407SW 2.0HDI. As of today, they have unfortunately I do not have, because the mandate would be on a good day, came down to zero. At this point, I have Dunlopy More > Sp Sports Winter and I can say that they are a class lower than Semperitów.
  • Arkadiusz Maćkała, Legnica 4.2 111150

    Semperit SPORT - GRIP 195/65 R15

    Rides on tyres purchased to me perfectly and I am very happy with them. I can safely recommend them to all potential willing. Surely you have to be satisfied. Well, they are not so expensive as other branded tyres. Why overpay when you can have great tyres for less price. I would recommend, I also thank the seller for the efficient service and delivery to the home. Keep it up. More >
  • corsiarz 4.2 111150

    Semperit WINTER - GRIP 155/80 R13

    Ydecydowanie amazing! where others stood on the rearing of the most popular chewing, and scythe corsa went on Semperitkach. 6 I reserve assessment for tyres ideal - ie those which do not have ;) in all aspects Semperitki went extremely well (for five, sometimes with a plus) and I'm not quibbling because the few times I saved my car before the collision. low attrition very happy - I have a few seasons and continues to excel great. generally highly recommended and pzdr More >
  • Emil 4.5 111150

    Semperit MASTER - GRIP 175/70 R14

    I did not expect that Semperit is one brand. I started because a colleague persuaded me but I was skeptical. It turns out that revelation. Small abrasion tyres with very good road-holding. Not myszkuje leads the way with confidence. Great for large water and slush. A little worse in the fresh snow. Definitely a good product More >
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