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Continental Tyres

We care about tyres. So you don´t have to.

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We are a certified dealer of Continental tyres.
Continental tyres
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Continental was rated by the German Car Magazine "Auto Zeitung" as the Top Brand 2021 for tyres
Auto Zeitung - Top marke 2021 Gold

Every day, for over 150 years we have reinvented the wheel, striving to improve what appeared already perfect. So that you are free to rely on us when others rely on you.

German-engineered safety to make you focus on what matters.
SportContactTM 6

Rely on a tyre that can keep up with your pace.

  • Get perfect grip on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Feel every turn of the wheel come to life.
  • Experience outstanding stability and braking performance – even at high speeds.
Auto Zeitung

Be in control of every season.

  • Stay in control through every season.
  • Trust in reliable all-season grip and braking performance.
  • Count on outstanding driving efficiency.
Auto Bild
Sport Auto
WinterContactTM TS 860

When you can’t trust the winter, just trust your tyres.

  • Rely on maximum braking performance on wet winter days.
  • Trust in a short braking distance on frost-covered roads.
  • Stay on track with safe cornering on snow-covered roads.
Auto Zeitung

Independently tested in all conditions

936 tests during the last 11 years.

757 TIMES We have received the highest

Test success
Test success

Continental´s Original Equipment Expertise

Chances are high that you are already driving around a car with Continental parts in it. Because car manufacturers in Europe trust our products so much, they use Continental tyres for nearly every third new car in more than 800 models. This makes us the preferred choice of car manufacturers. Trust in us like Experts do.

Continental´s Original Equipment Expertise
Continental tyres are built with experience. The experience of 150 years of German engineering and technology.
German Engineering,<br> spread into the world
German Engineering,
spread into the world

Diligence, precision and efficiency: These have been the famed attributes of German engineering for more than a century. German engineering is our DNA but today, Continental can also boast of engineering expertise that spans around the globe.

Opinions of our clients about Continental tyres:

The opinions about Continental tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Przemek 4.6 111150

    Continental ContiEcoContact 3 185/65 R15

    tyres "reaching" for the first assembly for Fiat Punto currently produced. I assumed them to the older - punto II fl. Car performs very well on virtually any surface, of course on snow and ice might not "rode" as such terms are 'winter tires') rather aggressive driving style, do not write here about the dizzying speeds because of dieselkiem 1.3 is max 160km / h: D but often turns to what to do, it happens that his "popiszczą" but overall I am pleased with them. Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Turkey where he often toured szutrówkach, exercised sensational :) In other countries, "seen" only highway so I can not determine;) The car then loaded 5 More > persons + luggage box and a full trunk. We usually city and commuting to work after 30km in one direction. After some 10000km loss 1mm front and rear 0.5mm. To sum up - the car of this class - I recommend :)
  • kaszub 4.2 111150

    Continental ContiEcoContact CP 185/60 R14

    Very quiet (depending on the quality of asphalt) Low abrasion. NOTE! each tyre slips on fresh rain, the dust of the road still is not zmyty.Po when precipitation has ok.KAŻDA tyre, any company in such conditions is poorer adherence (first rain). So much to comment on this nonsense about przyczepności.Poczytajcie little professional articles. Have a nice day. More >
  • Vinek 4.7 111150

    Continental ContiEcoContact EP 155/65 R13

    Tires have excellent handling characteristics, and the vehicle is fully bonded to the substrate. I felt the difference when I took off my previous tires put on subject. I wonder how I could ride safely on their predecessors. For the price we get snow really excellent quality, safe, economical, quiet and durable. I would recommend without a doubt. More >
  • Maks bmw 4.5 111150

    Continental ContiPremiumContact 205/55 R16

    Compared to previous tires (Michelin), are louder, but much better hold on the road. The biggest difference you can feel the wet, accelerating in a curve, with strong acceleration does not feel any nervous behavior. Dynamic driving on dry is pleasant. I had the impression that the acceleration from 0 to 100 is at least about 0.5 seconds better, due to the lower activity of the ASR system, because the tire is not like the previous boxes. So far I see no major defects of the tire. More >
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