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Continental Tyres

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Continental tyres guarantee the highest performance and excellent driving comfort. This German company supplies its products as original equipment for brands such as BMW, Ford, Porsche, General Motors and Daimler AG. This shows the high quality of the company's tyres and its reliability. With Continental tyres, you will feel safe regardless of the type of surface and the prevailing weather conditions.

This manufacturer consistently ranks highly in seasonal tests conducted by motoring organisations and prestigious magazines. They are particularly well-suited for wet surfaces and fuel efficient driving. This means that you can feel confident in every situation and your driving will prove to be more economical.

The performance of the company's tyres has not only been confirmed by specialists, but also by drivers who use their winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres every day. Through to their opinions, you will learn how Continental tyres perform in everyday use and get to know all of their advantages.

If you value your safety and that of your loved ones above all else, but still want to enjoy full performance driving, then Continental tyres are the solution for you.

Interesting facts:

Continental was the first manufacturer to ever conduct professional tests on winter tyres. In 1953, test cars equipped with the brand's first winter tyres went 2112 metres (1.31 miles) up Gotthard Pass.

Numerous tyre brands are manufactured by Continental include Semperit, Barum, General Tire, Uniroyal and Viking.

The business was founded in 1871. Initially, in addition to tyres for cars and bicycles, the company produced waterproof textiles, footwear, balls and toys.

ContiSportContact Vmax tyres have entered the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest mass-produced road tyres. In a test conducted in 2008, a Vmax-equipped Porsche GT3 attained a speed of 254 miles per hour.

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Opinions of our clients about Continental tyres:

The opinions about Continental tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Domenico di Pignola 4.2 111150

    Continental ContiWinterContact TS760 175/55 R15

    I am really happy to have these mounted continental ContiWinterContact TS760, these pneuamtici connect a memory too funny, well at least for me not for my wife. I had to run to the hospital because my wife had to give birth, I took the curve at a speed that I can not remember or do not want to remember. It was winter and the road crap. Although I corrected him like crazy, I've never drifter! Now just thinking about it makes me shiver with fear and I am sure that without the tyres I never reached the hospital safe and sound better or I would not have reached my car. Council questiContinental ContiWinterContact TS760, word Dad. More >
  • Pavulon 4.2 111150

    Continental ContiWinterContact TS780 145/80 R13

    this is first season with these tyres, winter is still going, but now Im definitely proud of this model. Instead of calculating benefits only to say that even a small car with these Continental ContiWinterContact T780 tyres does not lose a grip and confidently perform at speeds of 50 - 60 mph, in deep snow there is no problems, as the car travels like on rails, with braking no problems, driving is just great. A rain or drought also do not mind - great tyres, I can recommend these tyres easily. More >
  • Mati 4.2 111150

    Continental ContiWinterContact TS790 195/60 R15

    I can hand on heart say that these are some of the best winter tyres. I was in Austria for skiing and drove them about 3000 km, perfect for almost any surface besides the ice. I drove 110 km / h and inadvertently turned where there is not, and of course 0 control the vehicle, luckily I stopped the snow embankment. Tread August 1 mm Starla! I really recommend - worth the money More >
  • Teddy 4.8 111150

    Continental ContiWinterContact TS790 V 225/45 R18

    Continental ContiWinterContact TS790 V is a very good winter tyre, do not feel that this is a winter one. The first time I switched to summer tyres (in my case, Dunlop SP Sport 2050 W 225/45 R18 91W) did not notice any difference. Neither in terms of noise, adhesion, abrasion, etc.. Only the appearance of the tyre itself could be a little better, but other than that it is all positives. Worth the money. More >
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