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Lassa recommended tyres

Lassa Impetus Revo

5 reviews

From 61 £ pcs.

In our offer, we have 16 Lassa tyre models
priced from £40 to £154.

Lassa car tyres

Lassa Greenways
From 40 £ pcs.
Lassa Multiways 2
No image
From 49 £ pcs.
Lassa Driveways
No image
From 52 £ pcs.
Lassa Multiways
From 57 £ pcs.
Lassa Driveways Sport+
No image
From 65 £ pcs.

Lassa 4x4 tyres

Lassa Competus A/T 2
No image
From 62 £ pcs.
Lassa Competus H/L

1 review

From 72 £ pcs.
Lassa Driveways Sport
No image
From 73 £ pcs.
Lassa Competus H/P 2
No image
From 79 £ pcs.
Lassa Competus H/P

1 review

From 80 £ pcs.

Lassa Van tyres

Lassa Transway 2
From 55 £ pcs.
Lassa Multiways-C
From 68 £ pcs.
Lassa Transway A/T
No image
From 71 £ pcs.
Lassa Transway
From 74 £ pcs.
Lassa Wintus 2
From 84 £ pcs.

Lassa was founded in 1974 by the Turkish industrial group, Sabanci Group. Due to dynamic development in the tyre market in 1988, the group merged with the Japanese corporation, Bridgestone. This merger created a new company called BRISA - Bridgestone Saber Tyre Manufacturing and Trading Inc..
The move saw the biggest Japanese investment in Turkey and this had an impact on the increased production capacity and product range expansion.
In order to maintain a competitive position in the domestic and global markets, Lassa sells its products to car manufacturers and retailers in more than 30 countries.
The company is equipped with specialised laboratories where engineers carry out research in order to improve drivers’ safety, as well as computer designed new tyres. Lassa is a brand with great potential and a stable position in the European market.
The company produces economy class tyres for passenger cars, delivery trucks and 4x4’s. The products of this brand offer very good value for money.

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Our customers' opinions on Lassa tyres:

  • RQ 4.6

    Lassa Impetus Revo

    I have done about 60-80 000 miles with these tyres. Grip Their grip in the dry is excellent. In the wet, they are v good too. Ride and Handling These tyres replaced a set of Michelin. In my honest opinion, the Lassa tyres feel much better when you are cornering. the Michelin tyres' sidewall does not appear to give as much support. Durability No issues so far. See more >
  • Mazdaspeed3 4.8

    Lassa Impetus Revo

    Were founded on the car bought when I saw the name, I asked myself the question ... what it is !!! ???, but after 50 thousand miles I am literally amazed them, and I can honestly recommend them ... quiet from 5 to 260 km / h:-D .Pierwszy met again with this brand of tires and I see no reason to get out of her rozstawać.Naprawdę recommend !!! See more >