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Hankook Tyres

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Hankook combines good performance on all kinds of surfaces with the best price. Confident handling, under various weather conditions, means that the journey is safe and comfortable, no matter the forecast.

More than 70 years of experience and continuous product improvement guarantee the Hankook brand's popularity among drivers worldwide. Thanks to the brand's innovative blend and special tread, you will not be limited by the weather; you will always arrive on time, as planned.

The application of modern technology and high-quality materials ensures that these summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres are suitable for driving in different conditions. With Hankook tyres, no curb will frighten you and there will be no risk of scrapes during city driving. The high quality of this Korean brand's tyres is confirmed by the fact that its products are used by companies such as Audi, Ford, Renault and Volkswagen as original equipment.

As a company, Hankook believes in durability, so you will travel more miles on one set of tyres. It also means you will be spending less money, because you won't have to replace your tyres so often. The special design of the tyres makes them economical to run, meaning fuel consumption will be lower and you will save money.

Interesting facts:

In Korean, Hankook simply means "South Korea".

It's production potential is seen in as many as eight factories across four continents: two in Korea, three in China and one each in Hungary, Indonesia and the USA.

Hankook ranks 7th among the world's largest tyre manufacturers.

Just as surprising as Hankook's first export market (Pakistan) is the unusual location of its first foreign branch, which was opened in 1976 in Kuwait.

The company employs over 14,000 workers and its tyres are used by drivers in 180 countries, including the United Kingdom.

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History of the brand Hankook

The world’s seventh largest car tyre manufacturer, Hankook are also the oldest and largest producer of Korean tyres. Over 50 years since its foundation, Hankook’s bosses still follow the founders’ original motto - “the road must be precisely planned in order to reach full satisfaction.” The Start Of Hankook Tyres Although these words may sound like a direct quote from Sun Tzu’s famous work, The Art of War, they reflect the methodical way in which the Korean firm has functioned over the decades. The company first began in 1941, when the Chosun Tyre industrial company was founded in Seoul. These were turbulent times for both the world and Korea, the latter of which was held under Japanese occupation at the time. However, in the year before Korea regained its independence, the firm’s first factory in Yeongdeungpo had already began producing its first premier car tyres, under the initial Chosun brand. A Modern Hankook tyre facility, photo: Hankook During the first decade, the whole enterprise was gradually built up from scratch, initially starting with machines and later expanding to include new technologies, qualified staff and a professional business strategy. In the 1950s, the firm was developing at a satisfactory rate, taking advantage of the growing demand from the motor industry. In 1962, Chosen tyres were exported for the ... Read more >

Our customer's opinions:
  • Bartek 4.9 111150

    Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125

    I have these tyres for about a month, I have traveled a few thousand mileson them and, to be honest with you, they are perfect for me. I do not judge the tread wear here because I can't check it. I am not interested in the noise or rolling resistance, they are definitely "in the norm". The most important thing is the grip which is perfect. I have not yet had any unplanned skidding of the car on these tyres and I must admit that I happened to overdo the overtaking on arches several times (classic passing around 0,3 miles but on the curve) these tyres keep the car on course driving independently at 40 or 90 mph. Grip on dry or wet surface is great. Best regards. I recommend these tyres :) More > Bartek
  • Arczik 4.6 111150

    Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125

    Hello. I would like to share my opinion about the tyres used by me. Before buying, I had a big problem with my choice. I knew ventus prime 2 and I was happy with them. Next I bought new Hankooks. The choice was accurate!!! Maybe the car does not have a speed demon, the size is 205/50R17 and it's a heavy car and yet the use of these tyres is pure pleasure. They do not make noise, on the dry surfaces they're great, fine in the corners. The driving is safe on the wet asphalt , car does not slip, no breaks, predictable driving, the car does not escape. Signs of wear are not visible yet. I drive 80 miles to work every day and for such use these tyres are great. I bought them in winter, so the More > price was very good. I recommend everyone who have a similar problem with the choice of the tyres. You will not regret it!!!
  • Andrzej 4.2 111150

    Hankook Kinergy eco K425

    These tires have chosen the fairly large number of thinking and analyzing the tests that I could find on the internet. I considered types of tires with a higher shelf. My annual mileage is very small, because usually less than 30 thousand. miles. If any of you have a similar annual course it really does not pay to invest in a tire with superior because it is not we will feel that with such a course. Rolling resistance, noise abrasion Hankook Kinergy Eco K425 is at a high level. I was not disappointed. Very good tires at a really good price. I searched many sites and Oponeo is one of the cheapest offers and certainly the greatest experience was decisive for the purchase is on this page. More > Successful selection and safe driving.
  • Jaymzarf 4.6 111150

    Hankook Icebear W 442

    Delivery assembly is a great option - recommend! Tires nicely presented no problems with balancing, do not make noise too. Although the winter was mild this winter trips in more areas have happened ... tires have passed the exam on the snow perfectly on rozjeżdżonym also performed well ... drive through lane filled up with fresh snow with no problem. Large drainage grooves seem perfectly exam. I did not notice an increase of combustion. I drove on them since January almost 13000km, changed to summer until mid-May, fronts worn out less than 1.5 mm, taking into account the temperature this winter, most dry days, I think it is a good result. With this easy to wear for 4 tires 3 seasons I will More > ... I highly recommend to all!
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