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Most valuable tyre brand in the world according to the 2021 report by international consultancy Brand Finance.

Michelin a valuable brand
Michelin History of the brand

History of the brand

Over 130 years of experience in creating innovative products. Since 1889, Michelin has been innovating around the world so that we can travel safely, efficiently and sustainably.



The Michelin Group is the technological leader in the world tyre industry. Michelin is constantly innovating to design tyres that stand up to all adversities on the road. We take a passionate approach to drivers' needs to ensure the optimum durability and performance of our tyres.

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  • Michelin ECONOMY


Michelin Motorsport


We incorporate technologies from the world of motorsport into our everyday tyres. Michelin's ultimate goal is to enable our partners and consumers to benefit from breakthrough technologies developed almost directly on the race track. Motorbike and car racing is our passion. We are committed to Michelin's presence in racing around the world, leading our partners to victory and improving the mobility of tomorrow.

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Tyres Michelin

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Acclaimed by Oponeo customers

  • 5.0

    Alpin 6
    205/55 R16

    Michelin’s current mission is for tyres to be used down to the legal limit, and the Alpin 6 has grooves that widen and emerge as the tread wears. So far these are well suited to UK winters thanks to their good performance in the wet. Used a set last year d I drove past 4WD cars stuck in the snow in my 2WD estate without any issues - this spoke volumes to me about winters tyres in general. More >
  • 4.8
    Łukasz J.

    ALPIN 5
    225/55 R17

    Michelin tires have always been a model of comfort and safety in my opinion. This is also the case this time, the tires are very quiet and at the same time very soft giving a great comfort of traveling. I heartily recommend to every user, the price, although a bit higher than other producers, is, however, durability and satisfaction that compensates. Alpin 5 tires I bought for the second time, in the previous car it turned out that the set of tires causes the car to download - and here again the Michelin brand stood up to the task, because I considered my complaint without delay, I was sent to examine tires that confirmed that the tires pull off, after about 2 weeks I received a completely More > new set of tires. I heartily recommend to everyone!
  • 3.7

    Alpin A4
    185/55 R15

    Living "out in the sticks" our roads get little attention in winter from the local councils. I started using these tyres on an older Jazz 5 years ago, bought an extra pair of wheels from a breakers yard so I can easily swap to these in December and back across at Easter. I take about a 2.5 mpg hit on fuel consumption but the grip is just amazing. I I work in Buckinghamshire where it is hilly, pulling out on heavily frosted roads doesn't involve any scrabbling for grip. This pair I bought recently is now on the front of my wife's Jazz, though she only drives a 1/4 of the distance I do she is amazed how the tyres make her feel less nervous. More >
Tyre Michelin

Tyres Michelin

High Performance from the First to the Last Mile*

The most important performance parameters maintained up to the permissible tyre wear limit:

  • braking on wet surfaces for summer tyres,
  • braking and handling on snow or wet surfaces for all-season and winter tyres,
  • road holding or traction on the track for sports tyres.

* Up to the last mile, i.e. to the permissible tread wear level (1.6 mm). The minimum acceptable tread depth may vary depending on the country.

Tyre Michelin
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Outstanding mileage

MICHELIN tyres are widely recognised for their outstanding mileage: For several decades Michelin have continuously designed tyres with compounds that resist wear both on the road and on the race track. This allows you to exploit their full performance potential.

* Until the last kilometre, that is, until the permissible tread wear level (1.6 mm). The minimum acceptable tread depth may vary depending on country.

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Michelin CrossClimate+

All-season passenger tyre Michelin CrossClimate+

Product description

Opt for excellent durability and safety, whatever the weather - even over long distances¹⁻³. Michelin CrossClimate+: Europe's best-selling all-season tyre⁴.

  • The last mile in terms of allowable tread wear level (1.6mm). Permissible wear level means tyres with tread worn down to the depth of the tread wear indicator in accordance with EEC Regulation No. 30 (ECE R30r03f). The performance of MICHELIN CrossClimate+ in size 205/55 R16 91H exceeds the wet grip threshold laid down in UNECE Regulation No. 117 for tyres categorised as normal and snow. The maximum permissible tread wear may vary depending on the country.
  • MICHELIN CrossClimate+ came 2nd in the dry braking comparison test conducted by AutoBild on tyre size 195/65 R15, the results of which were published on 27 September 2018.
  • MICHELIN CrossClimate+ has a wet grip class B from the European labels.
  • Source: GFK sales panel survey in the all-season passenger car tyre category (all levels) - period: January 2018 to December 2019.
Michelin awards
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Michelin Primacy 4

Summer passenger tyre Michelin Primacy 4

Product description

If you're looking for long-lasting safety¹ and high durability², choose Michelin Primacy 4 tyres for every summer road trip.

  • The last mile in terms of allowable tread wear (1.6mm). The permissible wear level refers to tyres with tread worn down to the depth of the tread wear indicator in accordance with EEC Regulation No. 30 (ECE R30r03f). The performance of the MICHELIN Primacy 4 in size 205/55 R16 91V exceeds the wet grip thresholds laid down in UNECE Regulation No. 117. The maximum permissible tread wear may vary in various countries.
  • Based on the results of tests carried out by the DEKRA Test Center on behalf of Michelin between June and July 2017 on MICHELIN PRIMACY 4, CONTINENTAL PREMIUM CONTACT 5, DUNLOP BLURESPONSE, GOODYEAR EFFICIENT GRIP PERFORMANCE and PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 BLUE tyres in size 205/55 R16 91V fitted on a VW Golf 7. Durability test conducted under average use conditions (D50) for 10,000 km with extrapolation of results to tread wear to 1.6 mm.