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Linglong recommended tyres

Linglong Greenmax

31 reviews

From 48 £ pcs.

In our offer, we have 10 Linglong tyre models
priced from £39 to £106.

Linglong car tyres

Linglong Green-Max ACRO

1 review

From 91 £ pcs.

Linglong 4x4 tyres

Linglong Green-Max 4x4 HP

5 reviews

From 77 £ pcs.
Linglong Crosswind A/T 100

1 review

From 90 £ pcs.
Linglong Crosswind MT
From 92 £ pcs.

Linglong Van tyres

Linglong R701
From 40 £ pcs.
Linglong Green-Max VAN
From 58 £ pcs.
Linglong Green-Max VAN 4Season

1 review

From 66 £ pcs.
Ling Long tyres are a very good choice for those drivers who seek perfect driving parameters and, at the same time, want to purchase their tyres for a fair price. The producer of Ling Long tyres possesses an advanced technological base. This allows for the manufacturing of tyres from the best possible materials and characterised by their good performance. Driving with Ling Long tyres equals safety and reliability. The brand's tyre models are resistant to tyre wear. See our rich offer for more details on Ling Long tyres. We have everything for everyone.

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Our customers' opinions on Linglong tyres:

  • Luigi 4.4

    Linglong Greenmax

    So far I have covered about 10,000Km and the tyres are not too worn, good grip in the dry and excellent in the wet. Runout in the normal range. Compared to the previous tyres (Michelin and Sunny) I noticed a slight drop in fuel consumption. I have noticed that they only mark up excessively in the case of 'reckless' driving (bends at 120Km/h or roundabouts at over 80) while with a loose and dynamic driving style they hold up well. They also perform well on mountain dirt tracks; even though off-road wear increases, they manage to get the car (mine weighs 2.35 tonnes) up without too much effort. See more >
  • Ray Stewart 4.6

    Linglong Greenmax

    The Ling Long Greenmax is a good looking tyre that in my opinion gives as good a performance of any of the top brand name tyres but at less than half the price. I am very pleased with them and will make them the tyre of my choice whenever I need replacements, I can't fault them and would happily recommend them to anyone who drives a standard small or family sized vehicle. See more >
  • Albert 4.1

    Linglong Greenmax

    I made my purchase solely on the basis of the reviews and the price of the tyre. I have now been driving on them for 4 months and have covered over 10,000 km, mainly on German motorways and a little bit of town. My impressions are very positive, the tyre is reasonably quiet and the driving experience is pleasant and safe. The car handles well in the wet when cornering. Highly recommended for the average car user. On the Ford Fusion these tyres are sensational! my rating 8/10 See more >