Continental VanContact AP

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215/80 R14 112/110 P C

D | B | 72dB
122 £ pcs.
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7 years from the date of purchase
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Product description
Product description

Continental VanContact AP

Continental VanContact AP is a modern summer tyre from our premium-range which gives a high-quality ride, and is suitable for commercial vehicles. The tyre delivers a stable, comfortable feel and is made robustly to overcome the stresses of day-to-day commercial use. From our premium-range, it delivers the best quality for its price.

Continental VanContact AP is made with a symmetric tread design. This enables the tyre to give a great all-round performance and satisfactory comfort. It has a number of grooves and notches which allow for sharp handling on dry roads, and adhesive grip on wet roads.

Continental VanContact AP is made as durable as possible by reducing low-rolling resistance. This means that friction from the road is reduced and this prolongs the life of the tyre. Furthermore, this leads to an improvement in fuel efficiency and lower emissions into the environment.

Continental VanContact AP uses a modern rubber compound to provide protection from damage. This composite is also complemented by raised tread shoulders, which increase the robustness of the tyre further.

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Continental VanContact AP

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Available options in size 215/80 R14
14" 1 available option
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122 £

Continental VanContact AP Tyre warranty

  • You have a 7-year warranty from the date of purchase or until the limit tread wear is reached (whichever comes first),
  • Warranty covers defects in design, materials and workmanship,
  • You can file complaints at ASO (for original equipment tires), authorized warranty service centers and tire purchase points,
  • If the defect is revealed within 2 years from the date of sale, your tire will be replaced with a new one or you will receive a refund,
  • If the defect becomes apparent later than 2 years from the date of sale, you will receive a refund of part of the cost depending on the wear of the tire or a subsidy for the purchase of new tires from that manufacturer.