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Continental AllSeasonContact

18 reviews

From 71 £ pc.

In our offer, we have 6 Continental tyre models
priced from £71 to £255.

Continental 4x4 tyres

Continental LM90
From 174 £ pc.

Continental Van tyres

Continental VanContact 4Season

10 reviews

From 113 £ pc.
Continental VancoFourSeason 2

14 reviews

From 155 £ pc.

Our customers' opinions on Continental tyres:

  • Piotr 5.0

    Continental AllSeasonContact

    Great tyres. Been using them for 6 years now. On the previous car without problems for 5 years with still a lot of tread left. I put Continental AllSeasonContact again on the new car shortly after purchase. They perform perfectly on dry asphalt, but they�re also great in winter on snow or slush. I sincerely recommend them! When these wear out, I will surely buy another set. See more >
  • Pako 5.0

    Continental AllSeasonContact

    I had hesitated for a long time to buy them, mainly because of concerns about how they would perform in snow and slush. And I eventually did it; the winter, as short as it was, proved unchallenging to the tyres. And... I am delighted with how well they perform in such difficult conditions. Maybe if I went to the mountains the experience would be a little different, but driving mainly in the lowlands it is excellent. On dry road, I also don't see much difference between the summer ones I've been using so far (also from Continental). And the fact that I no longer have to make an appointment every few months for a swap is a big bonus (no time and money wasted). All in all, given the fact that See more > you save on a second set of tyres and the fact that you have to swap the tyres twice a year, you can generally say that, because of the savings involved, you get �free tyres� every couple of years.