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Dunlop Tyres 205/60R16

premium class

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Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse 205/60 R16 92 H
113 £ pc.

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Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop premium tyres are characterised by their high quality of workmanship. Every year the tyres of the brand achieve leading positions in tests organized by magazines and automotive organizations throughout the world. Dunlop tyres are often chosen by drivers around the world. Driving with these tyres means high levels of safety, maximal comfort and tyre wear resistance. In our broad catalogue we offer Dunlop tyres intended for various types of cars and in all popular sizes. See our offer for more details.

205/60 R16 Tyres

205/60 R16 tyres are installed in passenger cars, delivery vehicles and 4x4s. The size of the tyre can be seen on its side. It is presented with the help of strings of numbers and a letter. The first number informs about the tread width of the tyre. The number is provided in millimetres. In the case of the 205/60 R16 tyre it is 205 mm. The second number equals the tyre profile's height and its percentage ratio to the tyre's tread width (here 60& out of 205 mm). The "R" in the tyre's size denotes its radial construction. The third number provides the diameter of the wheel rim on which the 205/60 R16 tyre should be installed. The size is provided in inches. See the 205/60 R16 tyre model in our broad catalogue of products.

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