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Dunlop Econodrive LT

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£ / pc. 88

Dunlop Econodrive LT features

Dunlop Econodrive LT is an expansion of the popular Econodrive project from a British premium manufacturer. At the centre of it lies the reduction of the car's fuel consumption. Thanks to its unique design, the tyre also allows you to extend the life of the rubber, offering longer mileage. How did it get accomplished?

Mostly due to the reduction of rolling resistance. Econodrive's tyre designers have developed a special rubber compound with carbon connections. Thanks to this design, it provides much better rigidity and strength of the rubber than standard models. The addition of silica allowed for a significant reduction in rolling resistance, resulting in a noticeable decrease in fuel consumption by the car.

The rubber compound is not the only element responsible for economical driving. Solutions to reduce rolling resistance can also be found in the tyre design itself. Dunlop Econodrive LT uses reinforced side zones, to better reduce road bumps and provide optimal contact with the road surface. In addition to driving efficiency, the solution also improves steering precision and braking performance.

The use of recessed tread grooves and open shoulders in the tyre structure makes the model extremely safe in rainy conditions. This structure is much better at discharging water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

The Dunlop Econodrive LT is a tyre that sets new standards for economical driving. The entire project has been optimised to reduce rolling resistance, which will save fuel and provide long mileage and comfort.


Dunlop is a British premium brand famous for its innovative approach to tyre design. As one of the pioneers of the radial tyre market, the company has numerous research centres, which are responsible for new patents and solutions to increase driver safety and comfort. The founder of the brand was John Boyd Dunlop, the inventor of a pneumatic tyre that revolutionised the market. The company is currently owned by the American corporation Goodyear, and in some regions of the world it is distributed by the Sumitomo brand.

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